Personality characteristics.

personality characteristics - a concept in psychology, which fought over many researchers.I still do not provide a clear definition of this concept and its significance for humans.What is personality?In what appears a person's personality?Perhaps if its absence?All these questions were asked many researchers in the field of psychology.Personality - is so multifaceted, unknown, misunderstood phenomenon that give it a particular characteristic is very difficult.

psychologists often faced with the impossibility of a clear and specific answer to the question of what is a person?Some researchers in the field believe that the personality - all those qualities that distinguish one individual from another.However, if the quality can be attributed to the fact that characterize the personality?Perhaps, they should apply only some specific?The answer to this question is found.

personality characteristics as psychological concept was first discussed by Sigmund Freud.In fact, Freud discovered the concept and it

s characteristics to the world.Prior to this person treated with a physiological position as an individual part.

So, what is the description of the characteristics of the person of Freud?

Freud distinguishes three structures of personality: the superego, IT, J.

It - elementary structure based on sexual desire.It - that is inherent in every person, namely, the desire to reproduce and to enjoy it.The main purpose of existence, it - the fun and kind of extension.It stands opposite the superego, which is an expression of moral values ​​and norms of human rights.If it is - natural personality structure, the superego, soon acquired psychological characteristics.However, without the existence of these two concepts can not be of a third, namely, the concept of I. I - It is the consensus and the superego, which allows you to actually create the concept of identity in all its glory.Characteristics of personality according to Freud lies in the interaction of three concepts that make up a whole.

Also interesting views Leontiev Soviet researcher who first identified three binder concepts for human characteristics: the individual personality and, of course, personality.These concepts are in this particular sequence, creating a common consensus and cooperation to achieve its goals.To strive for the individual?He wants to buy a set of moral values ​​and norms that make him a person.To strive for a person?Self-knowledge and self-improvement, which will allow it to become a personality.It is characteristic of the person of Leontiev.

also in modern psychology has spread the concept of "characteristics of offender."Criminologists and psychologists have long pondered the question of why some people are prone to crime and illegal activities.It attracted the attention of researchers in particular youth and childhood offender.According to psychologists, that the foundations are rooted in childhood to break the standard of identity and its transformation into a criminal personality.Further development should be a criminal essence of man.The researchers concluded that if the wrong person develops during childhood and adolescence, it is almost 100% likely to lead to criminal future.Most often, the person is subjected to criminal violence and regular beatings by parents and peers.This causes the characteristic physiological reaction that leads to a change in the relevant psychological characteristics.

In any case, the description of the personality - complex and ambiguous concept that should be studied in depth and thorough.