Methodological bases of psychology as an applied science

methodological foundations of psychology are the subject of dispute theorists for many years.And if in the experimental part of the research still rely on a theoretical basis, in the presence of the application of such a framework is not obvious.

problem is in the fact that each psychological trend establishes its own conceptual apparatus.So the methodology of psychology in practice is quite uncertain.

try to understand whether there are guidelines that combine various practical work with people.

main focus of any approach to psychological assistance is the work of a man with life's problems.So it makes sense to consider the theoretical basis for consultation on this example.

Consultant psychologist, whatever direction he may have followed in their work, be sure to use only those terms that are clear to him.So, the methodological principles of consultation necessarily implies a certain vital issues.

Psychologists and therapists from all over the fragmentation of their views, agree on the fact th

at the problems of life - it is primarily the complex emotional negative situation in which the person appears to difficulties in meeting domestic needs.This is manifested in the mismatch between the aspirations, desires, goals and the real possibilities of achieving them.

All we are looking for yield, remedy ills, think about how to make life simpler and easier.Based on the methodological foundations of psychology, but rather the principle of subjectivity, we can assume that there is no single right solution for all people.And everyone is looking for his way out, makes decisions based on their psychological characteristics.Everyone chooses acceptable for him a way out of the problem situation.

So the second principle, which is used by many psychologists, is the principle of subjectivity and personal approach to each person.

techniques and strategies to work with people and their problems of life there as much psychological schools.

This is because the subject matter of psychology is fundamentally different in the different approaches.Representatives of the behavioral trends they see as its subject a person's behavior.The currents that have arisen recently named new cultural-psychological approach, say the subject of the psychology of the soul.There are other perspective.So the choice will be determined by a technician working each approach its own way, depending on the subject.And it is hardly possible to find a common basis.

For example, if we consider psychology as a science of the soul, the life's problems will be perceived as an opportunity for the soul to become perfect, and so, work with them will not go on the principle of overcoming, but in terms of opening a new qualities that makethe problem can be solved successfully.

Another important principle, inherent in any and all areas of the psychological, is a holistic vision of man and development.

Methodological bases of psychology suggest that personality develops in the course of life, it tends not only to adapt, but also to overcome their own borders.

Consequently, the principle of development is also fundamental to work with people.Without it, any psychological operations would have been meaningless.

only because of its ability to change and development, the person can learn to cope with life's challenges on their own or with the help of a psychologist.
Thus, we have considered some of the methodological foundations of psychology as a science, having first of all practical significance.

Given these principles at work, the consultant can use a variety of methods to help people and to expand the range of techniques used.