The value of the name Regina: queen

Value Name Regina is translated from the Latin - the queen.This name is widespread in Russia, and the United States, France, Hungary and some other countries.

self-confidence, independence, optimism, stubbornness and tenacity - a character trait, which usually has a woman named Regina.The value of the name affects the lives and behavior of its owner: it immediately attracts the attention of any company, from an early age to show independence and determination in each of his deeds and always knows exactly what he wants, and different colorful and attractive appearance.She does not like to sit still, do not know what boredom is easy to converge with people, aims to guide relations and surrounds himself with a retinue agreeable and useful for her people.

Regina adheres to a very high opinion.Regal and grandeur - this is the main value of the name.Regina has a strong will and strong character.She - a leader by nature, easily subjugates others.With its charisma, responsibility and staunch fighting spirit

can be a good leader, but she does not always have the patience to bring the case to the end.Often her "male" profession - for example, a design engineer and head of the company.Regina could find himself in journalism, science, art, or social activities because she likes to be seen, and if you do not control the behavior, thoughts and feelings of other people.

Regina, as a rule, have choleric temperament is different temper and impulsive, easily loses his temper, but her anger cools quickly.For all his sociability and emotionality, the apparent openness it remains a mystery woman-even to their loved ones.The mystery of the name Regina lies in the fact that in its pride and inaccessibility can hide insecurities.

In others she can look regal arrogance and being intolerant of other people's shortcomings.She did not go on the compromise and will not tolerate other people's shortcomings: it is easily breaks one connection and then gets others.This also applies to family relations: Regine serious about marriage, but, disillusioned with his partner, will soon require a divorce.And if someone tries to challenge its supremacy or encroach on its authority, easy to enter into an explicit or latent conflict and can no mercy to erase the enemy into a powder.

with her characteristic maximalism she often brings her good qualities to the extreme and becomes authoritarian, narcissistic and capricious, cunning, vindictive and vengeful.

Born as the name is important.Name Regina in many ways corresponds to the zodiacal sign of Leo, who are born under the same bright, bold, proud and determined people with a talent manager and impulsive character.So girls, born from 23 July to 23 August, it is often recommended to be called so that the sign corresponded to the name.Regina celebrates name day in the Catholic calendar, March 7.