What is the name Svetlana?

Today the name Svetlana is quite popular, but at the same time the original.It gives its possessor a complex, sometimes contradictory.So what is the name Svetlana?What are these women have?

Svetlana name meaning and origin story

Svetlana - ancient Slavic name.Translated, it means "clean", "bright".It is these qualities and has the name of the bearer.All the lights are allocated easy, fun and the ability to cheer up anyone.At the time, this name and all its possible interpretations were very popular among the residents of Russia - was considered a good omen called Svetlana daughter.And after a few hundred years, this fashion was revived again, but now in the Soviet Union.

holders have this name very strong promoters.For example, Svetlana Roman martyr who suffered during the persecutions of the Roman Empire during the reign of Nero.Name Day is celebrated the second of April.Incidentally, the national sign states that if the day sky blue clouds nestled, the spring is warm and rainy.

Svetlana (name) value from the point of view of astrology

For a start it is worth noting that this name corresponds to the sign of Aquarius.Life Light passes under the influence of the planet Neptune.Interestingly, the happiest color for owners of this name is blue.As for the mascot, then it is a rhinestone.Therefore Svetlana have to have something in the house of crystal, whether the dishes or other small statuette.Patron of the woman is the hare, and the most successful day is the Saturday.

What is the name Svetlana?Childhood

Svetlana, as a rule, is a complex, multi-faceted, but at the same time and contradictory personality.And these traits of her character perfectly visible even in childhood.Of course, this baby is really fun, joyous and mobile.Since it is always nice to talk to.

in older age she showed an interest in their appearance.As a rule, all the girls with this name tend to look best.In his youth, this desire often makes a girl look out of place - fashionable clothes is not always to her face.But as they grow older, this feature will disappear.

Regarding the studies, the Svetlana hardly a diligent student.But she loves to engage in public works, is always the soul of the company, likes to lead.However, the opinions of others she almost always blindly accept and unconsciously follow the "total weight".

What is the name Svetlana?Adulthood

For a start it is worth noting that Svetlana - it is almost always an elegant, sophisticated woman in perfectly matched clothes.She carefully and meticulously to appearance.

As an employee of such a woman is always responsible.It is perfect for a profession that is somehow related to communication.After World really loves meeting new people.

In choosing a future husband Svetlana very picky.And long-term relationship - not a guarantee that man will ever be a spouse, as if the soul of women have at least a shadow of doubt, neither of which the future is not worth mentioning.As a wife, she shows off a fine diplomat - all conflicts and misunderstandings in the family settled quickly and without scandals.

What is the name Svetlana?Is there still any useful information?Of course, there is.Light - an excellent mother who truly loves his child and seeks to give it all possible.And the emotional and spiritual connection woman with her children does not disappear or never wanes.