Why dream of the rain?

rain What dreams?Rain refers to natural elements such as wind, storm and earthquake.Rain is water, water is considered to have clearing, bordering element.Water washes away the excess of passion, tension and excessive in nature and in the human psyche.The water does not have the animated features, it does not act consciously, and so it can wash away any information that can be found on your way, and carry it with you.Uncontrolled natural element is not subject to man, rain can not oppose any effort.Rain begins against the backdrop of nature and ends in their disappearance.A man more closely and positively see the sky and the sun and the rainy sky brings a depressing feeling that adversely affects the psyche and in the same form is reflected in the interpretation of dreams.

If you dream of rain, you got wet under his flow, the situation in general is unfavorable for you.The main conclusion can be made at once - you're too busy and a little attention to the surrounding reality, which reminded myself tha

t rain flow.The situation is transmitted in a dream, he says that from the man, and little depends on him simply no one pays attention.Why dream of rain water and veil standing before your eyes?This may explain the analysis of vision.The shroud of rain blurs are in Revue objects visible only a vague outline of their weaknesses and outline.All that is to come, may mean your future.If the objects are blurred and you can not define clearly what you see, you and your future at the moment you will not subject you can not influence it.All that can happen to you in the future, will not have a cause and blame all washed away by rain.To call such a dream can not be favorable.Trouble dream in which you are covered by torrential rain, which could presage a failure if you do not change their attitude to the world around you.

often dreams can tell you about the state of your body.From a medical point of view, an opinion, what a dream rain, is the following: it can mean a sluggish spleen, excessive moisture in the lungs and weak kidneys.Rainy weather during sleep, cold hands and feet, feeling cold all over signal the failure of the kidneys and urinary system.Unfavorable dreams when you wake up with a feeling of darkness and fear, your internal organs give you to understand that dismissive attitude to your body can result in what is just the nature of the rain wash away all the life that it is no longer necessary, which is a ballast.

answer unambiguously the question: what dreams rain, will not work, because each person has their own background in personal and social life for the emergence of such a dream.Why dream of rain, stormy and rainy weather?These dreams help to understand his own inner world and to plan the way forward.

many downers agree on one thing, that dream rain - to the chagrin of it.But if you see a blind rain, then maybe you expect a prize.Rain with thunder could presage a family scandal that may happen in your family or close friends.If you had a real storm with rain, wind and lightning, then in reality you may offend or have complicated the situation in the working collective.If you had a rain and you are soaked to the skin, then you should be concerned about their health.Standing in front of locked doors at night from his home and soak in the rain can be regarded as a warning of familiarity with dasher, which can lead you to the realization of social injustice or violation of rules and regulations.It is believed that the rain dream to tears, which help wash away the negative things out of my life and start a new life.