Why dream of a friend?

your friend, whom you dream can be an occasion for reflection on the value of sleep.Each represents and your social status and your family life, so, after analyzing a dream, you can recognize those signals that gives you your subconscious, warning about upcoming changes in your life or in the life of your friend.Great value can have your psychological state during sleep and immediately upon waking.If you perceive the dream as a happy event, you should not be afraid, but if you wake up in a serious state of mind, remember that they had seen his friend, but can not remember the entire dream, you should dream classified as a harbinger of future turmoil in your life.Why dream of a friend, to anxiety or to a meeting, to family problems or to climb the corporate ladder?

If you had a old friend of yours, you can expect soon a pleasant surprise, or hope for a long-awaited meeting.This statement will come true in the dream book if your friend in the dream was in good spirits and good health.If you see a sick f

riend in a dream, you need to awake to inquire about his health, it may well be that your friend's problem.

new people and new friends, dreamed a dream, portend the birth of children.Why dream of a friend who is not a long time in your real life?This could be a harbinger of emergency separation from your family.Seeing a dying friend - means your well-being.If your friend has died in his sleep, in his life, he may be all very well.If you see a fellow saddened and upset, then you should be careful, because you get sick or are subjected to severe emotional distress.

Angry friends removed before the upcoming debates among friends, which you will need to act as a mediator.Your role in this case is of great importance to play in the reconciliation of the parties, as interpreted dreams the old dream book.The death of another, killing or execution can predict what you need in your life to take bold decisions that will help solve the intractable problem.

Journey committed in a dream with a group of close friends, means that you will be able to create a family where all your loved ones will live in happiness and harmony.Losing a friend in a dream foretells problems, mental suffering and struggle with the environment, which is considered to be for you a source of prosperity and joy.

favorable is a dream where you visit your friend come to visit him, if you see his friend in a dream tired and dressed in white or black clothing.Bright clothes with flashy colors allow you to guard you get a warning that soon you may be subject to claims of unauthorized persons.

If your friend in the dream stands on a high pedestal, or on a hill, this means that you need to perform many of the identified cases, and at the same time you will arrive at justice.Why dream of a friend if in a dream, he is far below you and to get to it, you need to go down the hill and into a pit?This dream warns you that you can forget all your principles, trying to reach the career heights.

Gossip and backbiting that spread about you, your friends in the dream mean more turbulent days that you spend on their colleagues and their children.It is necessary to reflect on this dream because it can warn you of trouble in a team, or accidents involving children.

Why dream a friend with whom you broke up for good?This dream is dissatisfaction with your inner world, it signals you that you can go in search of new adventures.Why dream of an old friend whom you dream rich?This dream may portend disaster lying in wait for your friend.