How to cook the paste for artworks

Once upon a time, when the stores did not have a special wallpaper paste, wallpaper themselves and the choice was very small, they stuck to the wall structure, which was prepared at home, and everyone knew how to cook the paste.Now the glue used in the children's creativity, for the manufacture of papier-mache and paper applications.The paste is cooked only from flour or starch, so it is completely safe.Even if a baby accidentally shove a finger, smeared with glue, in the mouth, no serious consequences will be.That is why the adhesive is preferred to work with children, especially very young.Catching creativity with the baby, not polenitel cook paste, the more that is done very simply.This adhesive is also good to use when creating papier-mâché, as it firmly adheres paper, is very convenient for the further processing of the product itself turns plastic paper form, is not deformed, can be easily primed.

Due to the special properties of the paste is still used for bonding textiles.Many applied artist,

puppeteers, as well as a theatrical designer successfully used this glue in his work, preferring it to all of the modern chemical composition.In addition, due to its environmental friendliness paste is more appropriate for the production of things that people then will be in contact, such as theatrical masks and costumes.

How to cook the paste?For creative work it is prepared only from flour or starch with the addition of some water.The more starch the thicker the resulting formulation.As a rule, required per liter of water three to four tablespoons.The starch dissolved in water and put on the stove boil.Clay boil over low heat stirring constantly twenty or thirty minutes, until thickened.Then it is cooled and used as intended.

Paste starch still brewed with the addition of wood glue.This increases its strength and extends the scope of application for the different art works.Such a structure, of course, is not to be used in working with young children.A day before cooking paste, soaked pellets of wood glue in cold water.As they swell, the solution was put on a plate and heated, but not heated, so that it is readily soluble in hot water and became homogeneous.Then the prepared adhesive composition is added to the paste during its preparation.

How to cook paste, using no starch and flour?The difference with the previous way that diluted the flour in cold water pour boiling water, and then put on the stove and cook, stirring, until thickened.On one part of the meal will take three parts of water.After cooling, the adhesive was poured into the can, pre-filter, to remove possible lumps.

There is another way to prepare a paste of flour quality.The recipe contains the glycerol, which contributes to greater flexibility of the adhesive.To make it in the flour solution before cooking, add a teaspoon of glycerin.

Paste made of flour or starch is stored in the refrigerator.On cold glue will stay for about a week, while maintaining its properties.Too thick or thickened composition is diluted with hot water to desired consistency.

translucent jelly-like adhesive solution is quite pleasant smell, it does not cause allergies, if you do not have any additional impurities.Note, however, that the natural composition of the glue attracts various insects which breed successfully enabling environment, so use it for gluing wallpaper, considering that in DIY stores now have a lot of special adhesives for the construction works should not be.