Familiar and unfamiliar Paving Tiles: Paving.

Even the ancient Romans and Greeks for the paving of roads and the construction of buildings for various purposes used stones.In ancient times, people used a vengeance useful properties of this unique building material - namely, the strength of practicality, ergonomics and durability.

Initially, stones were laid in rough, a little later he began to grind and expose other types of treatment, so the world became acquainted with paving stones that came up to our times.Nowadays, the use of stone as a building material is no less relevant and in demand, while significantly increased the scope of application of the building material, and it has undergone minor changes in form.

But given the time that we live in an age of new high technologies and advanced scientific and technological progress in today's market there are cheaper, but lighter construction materials as concrete paving stone which is called "Pavement".Today it is very popular to perform paving paving slabs for garden paths, walkways, parks,

and decorating the sidewalks and public parking lots.

order to produce paving slabs, there are several techniques, often used casting and vibrocompression.Less - hyper.The method of vibration pressing process is necessary to ensure conditions to the vibration occurred concrete mixture in a specially prepared form, and thus on the solution there is a constant pressure by means of a mold.This method of block-making has a very significant advantage - the process can be almost completely automated, and this in turn significantly increases productivity, reduces costs and allows proizvodsta produce tiles of many different colors.

Paving tiles made by this method, durable and reliable in operation, has high wear-resistant performance, resistant to water and temperature changes, and all thanks to the implementation of a special steaming operations.Manufacturers tend to define the life of a tile almost twenty-five years, which is why it is so popular when mounting pavements.But an important role in determining the life of any tiles made by any method is its competent and correct installation in which required proper preparation of the base or foundation.