Types of coffee drinks and their features

Numerous types of coffee drinks will allow almost everyone to find their favorite variety and enjoy it.To avoid too long to study the menu, having come into the institution, we offer you now understand how different can be the coffee.It is also interesting to learn about what is chicory.Coffee drink made from this plant has a number of interesting properties.It is also used for therapeutic purposes.

main types of coffee drinks

open the menu, you are likely to find there is not only the traditional espresso and cappuccino.To coffee card did not introduce you to the confusion, let's take a look at those, what types of coffee drinks are the most common, and how they are doing.For example, the espresso is subject to strict rules.The proportion for its brewing permits no Carta - 7 grams of ground coffee by 35 mL (in some cases, 25 ml) of cold water.Cooking Time - 30 seconds.From espresso make all other types of coffee drinks.It's kind of basis.

Ristretto - even stronger than espresso.In Italy, this

drink is most common.Water for taking a still smaller - only 15 or 20 ml, prepared as 18 seconds.Bright taste of the drink due to a high concentration of essential oils.Ristretto Traditionally served with a glass of cold water.

even stronger than espresso drink - lungo (Lungo, in Italian - "long").At the same amount of ground coffee powder is added to 110 ml of water and cooked for longer.The taste turns bitter and the castle is slightly smaller than that of the espresso.Varieties of coffee with a delicate flavor is best suited for making lungo.

double espresso (doppio) preparing the same amount of time as a classic.However, the portion of ground coffee for him is taken double (14 g).To him, as to the ristretto, served a glass of cold water.

One of the most common and favorite beverage in the world - a cappuccino.Very popular latte art - application technique figures bartender on milk foam, which is coated with the surface of the drink.The ideal proportion of cappuccino - one third espresso, one third milk foam and the same amount of milk.The standard portion - 180 or 150 ml.The thickness of the foam should be at least two centimeters, it serves to maintain a high (70 ° C) temperature of the drink.To take a cappuccino fat milk - it is easier to whip up.Sometimes the drink is served with cinnamon.

Properties chicory drinks

This plant is known since the deficit as the most popular substitute for coffee.He has a very special taste.Although many people like it, especially when combined with the milk producers of chicory powder is usually mixed with different fruit additives, rose hips, dried blueberries, ginseng, sea buckthorn.This not only makes the soluble coffee beverage from this medicinal herb useful, but also enriches the flavor.Chicory helps to improve digestion and serves as a cholagogue.However, people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract should drink it with caution.