The glorious exploits of Russian warriors

Russian heroes - it's not just a story.They reflect the essence of the Russian people, his attitude towards the motherland.Ilya Muromets, Alyosha Popovich, Gorynya, Nikitich and many others have dedicated their lives to the service of Russia.They fought countless enemies of our people, preserving and protecting the common people.Feats of Russian heroes will be remembered forever - in the form of tales, songs and legends, as well as another epic penned by eyewitnesses of the events.They make proud of his people and the earth produced such giants.

history heroes in Russia

Probably each of us at school or on television heard the story of the mighty and invincible hero.Their exploits inspire, inspire hope and make people proud of their own, his strength, dedication and wisdom.

Many historians divide the Russian heroes in senior and junior.If you follow the epics and legends, it is possible to clearly distinguish between the demigods and the Old Slavonic already Christian heroes.Russian ancient warrio

rs - a powerful Svjatogor mighty Give Gora Selyaninovich Mikula, the Danube and others.

They are distinguished by their unbridled power of nature.These heroes - the personification of deified forces of nature and its invincibility.Later sources give them some negative color.They become heroes who can not and do not want to use your own power for good.Most often, it's just the destroyers, showing off the power before the other knights and common people.

This was done in order to encourage people to a new world - the Christian.In place of the heroes, destroyers come heroes, creators, defenders of the Russian Orthodox lands.It Nikitich, Nikita the Tanner, Relight, and many others.It is impossible not to recall the exploits of Russian hero Ilya Muromets.This is a favorite way for many writers and artists.Cured of a serious illness, Knight went to defend their own land, and then retired to the monks.

most famous Russian heroes and their exploits

Our history holds many famous names.Probably everyone knows the phrase: "A and nice and strong and the heroes in the Russian land."While our people are mostly not warlike, he prefers to work on the ground, but because of its environment since ancient times out of mighty heroes and defenders of the Fatherland.It Svyatogor, Mikula Selyaninovich Danube Ivanovich, Relight, SADC and many others.These heroes shed their own blood for their homeland and became to protect civilians in the most troubled times.It

them evolved and epic songs.Thus, over time, many times they corresponded.They added more and more facts and details.Even the characters undergo significant changes.

particularly affected this process of adoption of Christianity in Russia.It shared our history, led to the denial and condemnation of all old.Therefore, in the images of the older heroes can now see the negative features.It is about SVYATOGOR, Relight, Danube Ivanovich.

They were replaced by a new generation of heroes.And almost all of them were princes, not the people.The most famous heroes of the Russian land - is Ilya Muromets, Dobrynya Nikitich and Alyosha Popovich.That they praised in songs and epics.They adorn the famous painting by Vasnetsov.It was their most children know, thanks to the numerous cartoons and fairy tales.What are they made?And why do they always depict together?

On assurances of many historians, the three famous Russian hero never met.According to some reports, Dobrynia lived in the 15th century, Ilya - in the 12th and Alyosha, the youngest of the heroes - in the 13th century.

Victor M. depicted them all together as a symbol of invincibility and indestructibility of the Russian people.The exploits of three heroes were committed at different times, but historians agree that most of them are very real.For example, the same Brigand, the war with the Pechenegs, the Tatar prince Tugarin have taken place in reality.So, it is logical to assume that the great deeds too committed.

Alyosha Popovich and his exploits

Vasnetsov The painting depicts the young man with a bow and arrow, and the seat can be seen near the harp, which speaks of his cheerful disposition.Sometimes he is reckless, like any young guy, and sometimes cunning and wise, like a seasoned warrior.Like many of the heroes of the Russian land, it is rather a collective image.But there is this character and a real prototype.

According to some, is the son of an Orthodox priest Leonty of Rostov.But his countryman and residents believe the Poltava region (Ukraine).Local legend says that he often went to the local fairs and helping people.

According to another version, it is a well-known hero Alexander Rostov.He lived in the 12-13 century, and was a prominent historical figure.It is often intertwined with other, equally notable character epics, Volga Svyatoslavich.

glorious deeds of Russian heroes will be complete without stories about how Alyosha converged in battle with yourself Tugarin.This Polovtsian Khan - a real historical person Tugorkan.And in some epics Alyosha Popovich fought him a few times.Also, this hero has earned fame in numerous internecine wars of the time.And died in the famous battle of Kalka (1223).

Ilya Muromets

This is perhaps the most famous and revered hero in Russia.It embodies all of the positive features of the epic hero.There were no confirmed information about him is very small, but it is known that he canonized Russian saints.

childhood and youth the man had little or no movement since suffered a serious paralytic illness.However, at age 30 Elijah was completely healed and got to his feet.This fact was confirmed by many serious scientists who conducted a study of the remains of the saint.Therefore feats Russian hero Ilya Muromets begin in a rather mature age.

This character has become best known for all adults and children thanks to the epic, which tells the story of his battle with Nightingale the Robber.This offender is supervised one of the main routes to Kiev - the capital of ancient Russia.Law at the time, Prince Mstislav instructed vigilantes Ilya Muromets accompany another shopping carts.Faced with a robber, the hero defeated him and cleared the road.This fact is documented.

In addition to this, other known and winning Russian hero Ilya Muromets.Epics talk about battle knight with Idol trash.So, perhaps a rapist called nomad.There is also a story of the struggle with Baba-Gorynkoy and his son.

his declining years Ilya, were seriously injured and tired of this inverse life, retired to a monastery.But even there he could not find peace.The researchers said that a monk-warrior died in battle at the age of 40-55 years.

Great Svjatogor

This is one of the most famous and mysterious heroes.Before his fame eclipsed even the victory of the Russian hero Ilya Muromets.His name meets the exterior.Usually, it represents a powerful giant.

can say that significant epics about this quite a bit of character.And all of them are associated with death.However Svjatogor farewell to life not in an unequal battle with numerous enemies, and in a dispute with the irresistible and mysterious force.

One legend says that the hero found a "bag Peremetnoe."Hero tried to move her, but died, and without moving a thing from place.As it turned out, in this bag it was all lies, "the severity of the earth."

Another legend tells of the journey Svyatogora Ilya Muromets.This shows the change of "generations" heroes.One friend found an empty coffin.Prophecy it was: who is destined by fate, and that it will fall.Ilya he was great.And when Svjatogor lay in a coffin, his cover, he was not able to escape.Despite the power of the giant, the tree does not yield to it.Chief feat Svyatogora-hero is that he gave all his strength Ilya Muromets.


This hero depicted together with Ilya Muromets and Alyosha Popovich, is one of the most respected and well-known in Russia.Almost all epics, he is inextricably linked to Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavovich.At the same time it is believed that the latter is his uncle.In the history of Dobrinja - a prominent statesman, who listens to the advice of many nobles.

However, in the epics is rather a collective image, which has the features of the mighty Russian knight.The exploits of hero Dobrynya is to combat the numerous enemy troops.But his main act is the battle with the Serpent Gorynych.Vasnetsov's famous painting depicts a battle defender of the Russian land with 7 cupolas dragon, but the story was based on a real basis."Serpent" used to be called an enemy.And the nickname "Dragon" indicates its origin or dwelling place - the mountain.

There were also stories, telling how Dobrynia found a wife.Historians say that she was a foreigner.Nastasya Nikulichna (in other versions - Mikulishna) has a good physique.They began to be measured forces, and after the victory of the Knight she became his wife.

Like all the deeds of epic heroes, Dobrynya Nikitich activities related to the service of the Prince and the people.That is why it is put in a sample, compose stories, songs and epics, drawing his hero and liberator.

Volh Vseslav'evich: Prince-voshebnik

this hero is known more as a sorcerer and werewolf.He was the Prince of Kiev.And the legend of him like a fairy tale.Even the birth of Magus is shrouded in mysticism.It is said that his mother conceived him from Veles, who appeared to her in the form of an ordinary snake.The birth of a hero was accompanied by thunder and lightning.His toys were the golden helmet and Damascus Mace.

Like many Russian folk heroes, he frequently spent time with his retinue.They say if the night he turned wild wolf in the forest and mining food for soldiers.

most famous legend of the Magus Vseslav'evich - is the story of the victory over the Indian king.Once the hero heard what they have devised evil against his homeland.He used magic and defeated the army of others.

real prototype of the protagonist - Prince Vseslav of Polotsk.He also believes sorcerers and werewolves, also took cunning of the city and mercilessly killed people.And the serpent played a role in the life of the prince.

historical facts and legends blended into one.And the feat Magus Vseslav'evich began to praise in the epics, like other glorious deeds of Russian heroes.

Mikula Selyaninovich - a simple peasant

This hero - one of the heroes of the ancient Slavic.His image - a reflection of the legends of god-Plowman, defender and protector of the Russian land and peasants.It was he who gave us the opportunity to cultivate the fields and to use the gifts of nature.He drove the Giants destroyers.

According to legend, the hero lived on earth Drevlyane.Unlike other ancient heroes, who came from the princes, Mikula Selyaninovich represented class peasants.He devoted his life to the field.While other heroes, the defenders of the Russian land fought with a sword in his hand.This has its own meaning, t. To. All the good of the state and people are taking place on a daily and heavy labor.

most famous works, which describes the nature and the life Mikula Selyaninovich are considered epic about the Volga and Mikula, as well as SVYATOGOR.

For example, in the history of the prince-hero werewolf entered the service in the squad gathered to oppose the Varangian invasion.But before that, he chuckles at the Volga and its soldiers: they de can not even get his plow stuck in the ground.

exploits of Russian warriors always sung by the people.But you can meet and contempt for heroes who, with great strength, can not apply it correctly.An example of this attitude can be called epic "Svyatogor and Mikula Selyaninovich."It contrasted two principles - the creative and destructive.

Svjatogor wanders the world and does not know where to apply their own strength.One day he meets with Mikula wallet that hero-warrior can not pick up and toiling.There is all the "severity of the earth."In this story you can see the supremacy of labor over conventional military force.

Vasily Buslaev

This hero is not like the others.He - a rebel, always goes against the general opinion and order.Despite the superstitions of ordinary people, he does not believe in omens and predictions.At the same time, it is the image of the hero-protector.

Vasily Buslaev native of Novgorod the Great.That is why in the epics about it so much local color.There are two stories about him, "Vasily Buslaevich in Novgorod" and "Vasily Buslaevich went to pray."

Throughout traced his mischief and uncontrollability.For example, choosing a squad, he is satisfied with a few unusual jobs.As a result, there are 30 fellows, who all support the Basil.

Acts Buslaeva - this is not the exploits of Russian warriors who followed the rules and throughout Prince obeyed, respecting the traditions and beliefs of ordinary people.He considered only force.Therefore, his work - this wild life and fight with local men.


name of this hero is closely connected with the Battle of Kulikovo.This is the legendary battle in which were killed countless glorious warriors and boyars.And Relight, like many other heroes, the defenders of the Russian land, stood breast to the enemy.

Scientists still debate whether he really is.After all, according to legend, Peresvet (Alexander), together with his brother Andrew, was sent to the aid of Dmitry Donskoy by Sergius of Radonezh.The feat of the heroes was the fact that it was he who inspired the Russian army in the battle.He first joined the battle with hordes of representative Mamaev - Chelubey.Almost without weapons and armor, Relight defeated enemy, but fell dead with him.

study of earlier sources suggests the unreality of this character.The Trinity Monastery, where Relight, according to history, was a novice, there is no record of such a man.In addition, it is known that St. Sergius of Radonezh, and could not meet with Prince Dmitry just before the fight.

But almost all the exploits of Russian warriors - anyway - partly invented or exaggerated narrators.These stories raised morale, brought up the national consciousness.