The long answer to a question about why the story

Many of us, especially the students and their parents, constantly wondering about why you need to know the story.What is the significance and relevance of the study of the events many years ago?However, there are many different reasons to justify the need for the study of this subject, which is a combination of many other disciplines.Many arguments have been given about the importance of history, but they still remain relevant today.

virtual time machine

study of significant historical events and people, like time travel.History studies the past and the legacy of the past in the present.It is necessary to know how our modern world and the peoples of our planet have become such as we see them today, and how we have evolved.

Many mysteries, frightening and intriguing, are no longer so mysterious, as is understandable complex causes and events leading up to them.This explains why the story.When understood in common that we share with the people of the past and recognize the difference in the prese

nt, formed the awareness of our society, its past, present and future.

Learning from mistakes

At the same time, history offers us something much more than exist in the past, the events that led to the creation of the modern world.Why history?She invites us to study the past and present unknown to us and the peoples of foreign countries, where everything is arranged quite differently.Knowing that we share in common with people in the past and simultaneously examining how hard their lives are different from our present, we are able to turn the future for the better.We look back and we see the consequences:

  • bloody wars;
  • revolutions and coups;
  • thoughtless attitude towards nature;
  • great discoveries;
  • errors and illiteracy.

many times can tread on the same rake.What for?We must study history to retrieve the errors of the past and prevent them in the future.

adopt experience

In addition, trying to understand the history of the past life of individuals and society as a whole, examining all aspects of their reality.We study the diversity of human experience: how much people differ in their ideas, beliefs and cultural practices, as well their experience varies depending on the time, nationality and social status, as mankind has struggled with each other, inhabiting the planet for us overall.

Past experience is enormous and immeasurable.His indisputable significance for future generations, shows why the story.Ponder events, to analyze them, to "digest" the information, and only then, on the basis of experience already taken place, to understand the present, to make appropriate and safe to plan for the future.

general development

analyzes the past history of evaluating a complex web of reasons to help understand the events and phenomena in the world today.It teaches analytical skills, critical thinking and logical analysis of situations that just need the study of many school subjects.History of trains memory and teaches correctly perceive and process information helps develop the skills so necessary to look beyond the headlines of texts correctly to questions and express their own opinions.

Educate patriots

healthy social atmosphere in the country, a full-fledged society and the world - a goal to which all people in general and each individual State in particular.It is not possible to evaluate all the money and pay for everything.Therefore, the state rests not on businessmen, and philanthropist, altruist and patriot.They kept the whole world.They remember the story.Those who loved his country, who gave their lives for the happiness of others.This fearless warriors and dedicated doctors and talented scientists, and just selfless patriots of the nation.

Why history?Because it is popularly tells each succeeding generation about what it owes its ancestors.We'll find out what the ideals of great-grandparents lived, what feats they performed.We understand how their lives are affected by our present.The development of respect for the past with its reforms, fight, victories and failures - the task history.

Why study history?

today is inseparable from yesterday.All people and peoples are living history: We speak the language, have come down to us from the past, live in a society with a complex culture inherited from ancient times, using technologies developed by our ancestors. ... Thus, the study of the relationship between past and present is undeniablethe basis for a good understanding of modern human existence.This explains why our history, why and how it is important in our lives.

Introducing the human past, and there is a path to self-knowledge.History helps us to understand the origins of contemporary social and political issues.It is the most important source of study of the characteristic behavior of people in various social conditions.History makes us realize that the people in the past were not simply "good" or "bad", but motivated in complex and contradictory ways, as it is now.

A look at the world of each person is formed through individual experience and the experience of the society in which he lives.If we do not know the modern and historical experience of different cultures, we can not even hope to understand how people, society or nation make decisions in today's world.

very essence

Historical knowledge - no more and no less than thoroughly and critically constructed collective memory.That memory makes us human and collective memory, that is the story, makes us a society.What to know history?Yes, because no personal memory of the person immediately loses its identity, will not know how to act at a meeting with other people.The same thing happens with the collective memory, though its loss is not noticeable immediately.

However, the memory can not be frozen in time.Collective memory is gradually taking on new meaning.Historians are constantly working on dealing with the past by asking new questions, searching for new sources of information and analysis of old documents in order to acquire new knowledge and experience to better understand the past and what is happening.History is constantly changing and expanding, as well as our memory by helping us to acquire new knowledge and skills to improve our lives ....