The life and deeds of Alexander Nevsky.

Prince of Novgorod, Yaroslav's son Vsevolod, defeated any enemy on the battlefield, but it could, showing a special organizational and diplomatic skills, give way to a stronger enemy to save his people from needless victims.

in Russian history were those moments when you do not have enough military force to dashing victories.And the wise rulers and generals, feeling it, did not rush headlong at the enemy - they endured, the people saved their strength to smash the enemy for sure, while retaining most of its troops.

life and exploits of Alexander Nevsky

Grand Prince of Novgorod is among people who are not just influenced the destiny of our people and fatherland, but in many ways they have changed, as well as determined the further course of history for centuries to come.

Prince Alexander was born in 1220 (some sources say 1221) in Pereslavl Zalessky.His father - Prince Yaroslav Pereyaslav.Mother - Theodosius, the younger daughter of Prince Mstislav.

From a young age, Alexander was involved in po

litical events that unfolded around the time of the reign in Novgorod the Great.This city most of the life of the great military leader, thinker, philosopher.

Novgorod principality

At the beginning of January 1231, Alexander became the prince of Novgorod formal par with his brother.In fact, all the power was in the hands of his father.In 1233 Fedor's brother died.In 1236-m Prince Yaroslav took the freed by the time the throne of Kiev.Since then, the 16-year-old Alexander became sole ruler of Novgorod.

can often hear the question: "What makes feats Alexander Nevsky?" Today, we'll tell you about it.But first I would like to note that the beginning of his reign in Novgorod were in a terrible time - Tatar invasion.

to Novgorod hordes of Batu are not there yet, but at this time were destroyed by the largest Russian city, killed the bravest princes.

In addition, a great threat to Novgorod were German knights, advancing from the west.Alexander, Sweden and worried that in the beginning of the XIII century was to encroach on the territory of Russia.

Battle on the Neva

describe the feats of arms of Alexander Nevsky is necessary from that battle, because it was the first serious test for the young prince.I must say that he withstood it with honor, while demonstrating the quality of not only a brilliant military leader, but also a wise politician.

With a small entourage, without waiting for help from his father and other princes, Alexander went camping.Along the way, he teamed up with ladozhanami suddenly (July 15) attacked the Swedish camp.As is known, Russian troops defeated the Swedes.When the huge losses of the enemy rusichi lost 20 people.It is believed that the losses in the army of Alexander somewhat lower, but at the same time the value of the Battle on the Neva is obvious - despite the Mongol yoke, Russia was able to defend its borders.

unconditional victory was very important for the twenty prince.She brought him great fame and honorable name - Nevsky.

After this event, Alexander quarreled with Novgorod, and with his family, his mother and "his court" left the city.Perhaps the reason for the conflict was his imperious (like his father) reign.It caused the resistance of the nobility.Alexander moved to Pereyaslavl, where he became a prince.

Without a strong ruler of Novgorod could not resist another enemy - the Crusaders.Knights in alliance with the Estonians ("Chud") seized Izborsk, Pskov and later.A year into their hands was boarded city on the river Luga.Novgorod Yaroslav began to ask for help to send his son.First, the Grand Duke sent to Novgorod youngest son - Andrew, but after repeated requests from the townspeople agreed to send Alexander.The exploits of Alexander Nevsky were on everyone's lips, so he pinned great hopes.And I must say that it is their fully justified.In 1241 Novgorod with glee greeted the young prince.

battle with the Germans

All exploits of Alexander Nevsky are of great importance in the development of Russian statehood.The victory over the Germans - is no exception.

Prince Alexander arrived in Novgorod, began to act decisively.In the same year he captured the fortress of soot, which was built by the Germans.Some opponents, he led captivity, some go home and traitors (Vozha River and Estonians) hung.

year later with Novgorod, Alexander and his brother Andrew warriors marched on Pskov.The city was liberated from the invaders fairly simple.Part of the German was killed off, some sent to Novgorod as the spoils of war.

Building on the success, the Russian brigade moved to Estonia, but in the first clash of the vanguard Alexander was defeated.Russian soldiers retreated.

April 5, 1242 there was a battle on the Lake Peipus, which became known in the history of the Ice.Estonians and Germans moving "pig" (wedge), struck the vanguard of Russian, but soon were surrounded and destroyed.Last

feat Alexander Nevsky

In 1245, at the town of Torzhok and Bezhetsk moved Lithuanian army led by Mindaugas.When people are interested in the life of the great commander, asked: "What is the latest feat of Alexander Nevsky?", Researchers respond that it is certainly the defeat of the Lithuanians.

freeing Toropets, Prince Alexander killed ten princes Lithuanians.Then he dismissed the Novgorod home and forces his squad caught up and completely defeated Lithuanian army at Lake Zhiztsa.Returning to Novgorod, the prince's squad overcame another detachment of Lithuanians.

squad Alexander is a formidable force.Even the mention of it caused the enemies in terror.3 exploits of Alexander Nevsky, which he made with his valiant warriors, could not reach the Batu.After the defeat of the Lithuanians Alexander "summoned" to the Horde.

relations with Tatar-Mongols

In 1947, Andrew and followed his brother and Alexander Nevsky, went to Batu, the Horde.Brothers returned only in 1249.Andrew has received from the Khan shortcut to the throne of Vladimir and Alexander - in Kiev.Formally, the status granted to Alexander, was higher.But the Tatars ravaged Kiev almost lost its meaning in the life of the state.So Alexander was not satisfied with this decision.Not stopping in Kiev, he went to Novgorod.

Policy Alexander Nevsky for many years determined the relations between Russia and the Horde, East and West.Later, the Horde continued appeasement of Moscow princes - grandsons and great-grandsons of Alexander Nevsky.They were able to eventually restore the power of Russia, and finally reset the hated yoke.

diplomat Prince Alexander

Enumerating the exploits of Alexander Nevsky, can not be limited to his military achievements.He was a successful diplomat, able to sign very important contracts for the state.In 1251 he was able to sign an agreement between Norway and Novgorod on the delimitation of border disputes and collection of tribute in the vast territory that was inhabited by Lapps and Karelian.In 1260 he was signed trade agreement with L├╝beck, Gotland and German cities.He proved to be very durable.They refer to it, even in 1420.

last days of Alexander

Returning in 1263 from the fourth one trip to the Horde, Alexander fell ill.Gorodets, which is located on the Volga River, feeling that his days are numbered, the prince took his monastic vows, and on November 14 he was gone.

We told you about the life of a great man, whose contribution to the history of the Russian state can not be overestimated.The exploits of Alexander Nevsky, his life on the battlefield victories and achievements in diplomacy worthy of admiration and respect.