A mythical creature - a dragon.

Nowadays tattoo art (as it is now called - tattoo) is very relevant and in demand.Now it is rare presence of someone surprised many people (regardless of gender, age and convictions) tattoos.All of them are very diverse.As well as their value.And for some people the tattoo - it's just a pattern on the body, and the attributes of a modern fashion, a way to express themselves and stand out from the crowd.Other people give what is portrayed on their skin, of paramount importance.Each of the tattoo carries a deeper meaning.

In this article we will talk about one of the tattoos, which became widespread among many peoples and cultures.This is a dragon.Meaning of tattoo with the image carries a meaning and energy, expressed traits of the owner.

In most cases, the dragon tattoo says about the influence of Eastern culture to the person wearing it.In the East, the tattoo "dragon" has the following value:

  • 4 elements: Earth, Water, Wind, Fire;
  • 4 cardinal points: North, South, East, West;
  • all possible combinations of the above values.

Actually tattoos with this creature can be found in very different cultures with different values: in Japan, a symbol of the warrior, strength and wisdom, in China it is wisdom and strength, spiritual relationship with his family in Australia - the protection of life,Europe - the personification of evil, evil.In England, the dragon is very fond of, it is a symbol of Wales.

As you can see, the dragon in the perception of people - there are quite contradictory and ambiguous, and no single specific definition will not give him.We can say only that the dragon affect the fate and life of man.

more information about what it means dragon.Tattoo Meaning:

  • nobility, strength, excellence, wisdom, originality.
  • Magic sverhvozmozhnosti, power.
  • Cyclical life.
  • various forces of nature and properties of the elements.
  • patriotism, pride, love and respect for their homeland.
  • magic, mysteries of life.
  • Increased physical and spiritual strength.
  • protection against evil spirits, misfortunes and adverse events.
  • luck, kindness, healing.
  • desire to do good.
  • tenacity, loyalty, longevity

This is such an unusual and controversial may be the dragon.The value of a dragon tattoo can not be overestimated.It can be both positive and negative.But it depends only on what he wants to designate the host.

as a protective symbol is often used as a dragon tattoo.The value of it as a talisman, an amulet and talisman has a well-founded, because many believe that wards off the evil dragon, repels evil spirits, and a positive effect on a person.

dragon may embody some negative traits on which you want to gain the upper hand, and the difficulties standing in the way, but you certainly will experience.

in the recent past with the dragon tattoo was a sign of belonging to the mafia and criminal world.The members of the Japanese mafia "Yakuza" is often depicted in the Statement of dragons.

It is not surprising that such a tattoo prefer to make strong-willed people.And it is real fact that the picture influences on human life and on himself.Therefore, if you decide to "fill" the dragon itself, be prepared for the fact that you yourself have to change - to become stronger and harder to achieve the desired, more confident and their abilities.

But be that as it may, it is very important that for you represents the dragon.Meaning tattoo always acquires the meaning that we attach ourselves to it.