Green coffee and ginger: reviews of doctors, characteristics and rules of slimming

Green coffee - a relatively new product on the market of dietary supplements, is rapidly gaining popularity.Over the last year almost all who are interested in the problem of excess weight, have heard of unroasted beans of the coffee tree, the drink of which helps to lose weight.This type of coffee contains active substance - chlorogenic acid, which is able to accelerate the metabolism, as well as other useful ingredients such as vitamins, essential oils and antioxidants.About how to properly receive and brew the beverage, as well as the opinions of useful and helps you green coffee with ginger, reviews and doctors themselves losing weight you will read in this article.By the way, we are not in vain mentioned ginger - this wonderful root also contains a large number of active ingredients that help cleanse the body and accelerate metabolism.It is often put into a drink.But let's order.

Preparation of green coffee with ginger

to brew a cup of fragrant drink, you will need one tablespoon of beans to be

ground in a coffee grinder powerful, as well as a small piece of ginger the size of 1-1.5 cm. It must be cleaned of skin and cut intoslices or grate.Put resulting from grinding 2 teaspoons of raw coffee in Turku or a small saucepan, add the minced ginger and pour a glass of water incomplete.After put the dishes on the stove and watch carefully, so that the liquid does not boil.Once on the surface begin to appear the first bubble, remove from heat and Turk pour the coffee into the cup.Unfortunately, you are unlikely to be able to enjoy the taste of the drink - a habit he's pretty specific, plus everything prohibits adding sugar or milk.But you can pour into the finished coffee a little ground cloves or cinnamon and red pepper or pour the lemon juice.

Green coffee and ginger: user-drink

2-3 cups a day is enough to get your weight loss process was inadequate.This dose is more than highly undesirable, because an excess of caffeine can have a negative impact on your well-being and cause problems with blood pressure, heart or sleep.The drink should be taken as follows: one cup in the morning, at breakfast, the second - after lunch, an afternoon snack in the area, and the third at will, you can drink for 3-4 hours before bedtime.By the way, producers and nutritionists recommend eating in the period of green coffee to refrain from excessively fatty, high-calorie food, adhere to the principles of proper nutrition or completely comply with any diet.The drink helps to pacify the increased appetite, so choose a diet you carry a little easier.

Green coffee and ginger: reviews of doctors

In the matter of losing weight with the help of unroasted beans doctors and nutritionists divided into two camps.Conducted in 2012, studies have shown that chlorogenic acid helps really early lipolysis and metabolism.There is another group of scientists led opposing argument, saying that although the drink of unroasted beans, taken in reasonable quantities, unable to harm the body, still in the process of losing weight does not affect it.While many of those who have already used the green coffee with ginger, reviews of physicians rather refute eloquent facts.For a month of regular use beverage or extract slimming really lose 2 to 5.6 kg.But whether such results helped placebo or diet or nutrition, which many adhere to in the course of the course, not mentioned.Even the manufacturers emphasize that unroasted coffee - it's just a great addition to the basic method of weight loss - diet rather than complete replacement of it.Either way, you can decide whether or not to use the green coffee with ginger, reviews medical or slimming themselves to base their own conclusions about the benefits or dangers of drink.After all, if you want to lose weight, then you may well do without expensive supplements, just reviewing their own principles of nutrition, exercise and respecting the mode of the day.