Mechanical movement - all about it

It would seem that the term "mechanical movement" speaks for itself.The subject was at one point, and after a while found himself in another - that was moving.However, not all so simple.During the term, above, lies a deeper meaning.

Moving from point to point is not instantaneous, but for a certain time.And not just once from point A to point B, and for some lines.The line of motion of the body is called a trajectory, and its length - passed by.Describe the behavior of the body and its trajectory is often quite a difficult task.But if we use the representation of body position in space using coordinates and time, it will be the law of motion.

Now, the next question is - and how the mechanical movement is carried out?When all object points move the same, it will be progressive.If at the point of its moving body arranged on the circumference, the rotational movement will be.Here we already have the characteristics of mechanical movement, and not one.

The task of physics includes not only a descripti

on of the process of movement, but also the prediction of where the body would be at a given time.However, to take advantage of this law for the movement and its characteristics, we need to find a starting point against which all payments will be made.After it is defined, we get the full frame of reference in which to describe any mechanical movement.

movement is the starting point of the coordinate system, or, in other words, the frame of reference.The origin can be chosen arbitrarily, and when the reference description of the motion can get another one.Thus, we have determined that mechanical motion is relative.This concept of relativity was formulated by Galileo.

order to quantitatively describe the entire process of moving, it remains to introduce more such a thing as speed.Under it in translation is the ratio of perfect movement and the time spent on this movement.In the case where the velocity does not change in the direction and its value, the motion is uniform and rectilinear.If this requirement is not met - the movement will be uneven.

speed value - the value is also relative, and depends on its direction, ie,This vector quantity.If the train moves relative to the surface of the earth at the speed V1 and in it in the direction of the passenger train is at a speed V2, with respect to the world traveler will move at the speed V1 + V2.But if it moves against the movement of the train, then in relation to the earth, he will move at the speed of V1 - V2.

To complete the description of the movement, it is necessary to bring the units used features.Time measured in seconds, distance traveled - meters, well speed, respectively, in meters per second.

above considers the concept of mechanical motion from the point of view of physics.However, this concept is found in other sciences.Thus, the term "mechanical movement of the population" operates on the socio-economic statistics.Another name for this term - migration.It implies the movement of people through separate territory (country, republic, districts), and such movement is related to the change of residence.

The material considered such a thing as mechanical motion, and a description of its characteristics.The properties of the movement - the trajectory, speed, distance - and given a general idea of ​​the relativity of motion.It is also indicated for the use of similar concepts in other sciences.