Checking the validity of a passport: it does not get "hooked" intruders

Very often, during the conclusion of various types of transactions (buying and selling or renting apartments, providing cash loans, sale or purchase of goods) is necessary to confirm the authenticity of the documents.And then there is the question of how all passports are checked for validity.What should pay attention to what is important to consider the nuances?

Checking the validity of the passport: the main stages

  1. is to determine the legal validity of the document of compliance and verification of the passport valid form approved form.
  2. Availability details, as well as the presence of stamps and seals.
  3. installed accessory passport bearer.
  4. careful study of the document for signs of forgery.

The first step is to check the validity of the document, the presence of signatures of officials and the owner of the desired photo.Born bearer indicated in the passport must match his age, a certain appearance.It is also important to check the records of the region, which produces the issuance of the do

cument and their compliance with residence bearer at that time.If you have any doubt, you can compare the data of the passport to other documents (birth certificate, military ID, and so on. N.).

Checking the validity of the passport: the methods of counterfeiting

Expert estimates suggest that the recent increase in the number of cases of forging documents, particularly passports.Most often, the scammers change the third page, where there is a photograph of the holder, and prints the stamp of registration.

third page counterfeited several ways:

  1. cut pictures and glued in its place a new, re-laminated.
  2. lift the protective coating layer, change the photo and another layer on top.
  3. Remove the laminate and the surface layer of the photo paper.Then put on the piece of paper to simulate the image of the form, setting data and re-covered with a protective film.
  4. glued on top of photos and setting data a new page with fictitious information, are laminated.
  5. «embroidered» passport, removed the sheet from the third page, and "sew" new, fake.

Checking the validity of the passport: signs of forgery

presence of at least one of the following signs may indicate that the document is not real:

  • color or size of the third page is different from the others;
  • no watermarks on one page (usually the third);
  • blurred image details with a grainy texture;
  • missing the word "RUSSIA" on the blank passports and other fibers, which can be seen in the ultraviolet;
  • have folds and / or blisters on the layer of the laminate;
  • matte protective coating flaking, contamination;
  • presence of two layers of the laminate, the same amount of pictures;
  • have creases on the cover and / or on one of the bookends of the document;
  • there are semantic or typographical errors;
  • mirrored coat of arms;
  • there are signs of electrophotography and / or inkjet printing;
  • missing parts of the signs and / or offset, there is uneven coloring and / or simplified representation of characters;
  • broken parallelism and radial lines, uneven placement of the text, and others.

passport of the Russian Federation - a document that is difficult to forge, yet today there are criminals who have learned how to do it.In case of doubt about the authenticity of the document is better to turn to specialists.A thorough scan of the passport of the Russian Federation can be carried out by employees FMS of Russia in one of the territorial divisions.