What does it mean to be a citizen?

In this article I want to raise a question not so much legal as philosophical order, namely, that it means to be a citizen?Citizenship is membership of a particular country of the person to the state.But this formal point of view.I'll try to touch the depth of the problem.

historical basis

Earlier people considered subjects.Agree, the word is not quite right, because it reflects some kind of addiction.Therefore, we can Gauvreau that citizenship also involves cultural, ideological and spiritual connection with the state, it belongs to him.What it means to be a good citizen?Honor the interests of his country, to be a patriot and understand that abroad you will always feel like a stranger.Honestly, I do not understand how you can have several nationalities simultaneously.Indeed, in this case it is impossible to feel involved in the affairs of the country.In any case, one of the states will be dearer to you, closer.

What does it mean to be a citizen of the Russian Federation?

This is a major issue for us, because we were born and raised in this country.When the Soviet Union existed, no one could not think of any other nationality, except the Soviet.Do not be lying if I say that every citizen of the USSR to feel the power and the role of the state in the world.Maybe not thought about it, but on a subconscious level it was.Now there is such a feeling.Nevertheless, Russia is a legal successor of the Union legally, so there is a piece of greatness and we have.What does it mean to be a citizen of our country - it is a unique opportunity to live in a state where cultures intertwine hundred people, where such opportunities, which are not many, where every day you feel ownership with a great history.

people of the world

For Dumb nationality does not play a special role.What does it mean to be a citizen ddlya them?It is to live in a country that fully satisfy your material, create conditions of life that will be better in relation to the state in which you were born.They are called the people of the world.They do not think about boundaries changing in my life is not something that several places of residence, and a few countries.Such an understanding of citizenship is also possible.It is seen as independent of any political structures.The man may have no connection with their homeland.

Civil rights

often viewed through the lens of citizenship rights which it gives.This, of course, the ability to elect and be elected, to participate in referendums and other forms of expression of the citizens.What does it mean to be a citizen in this sense?Be sure to participate in these events, because if you do not, then lost the meaning of citizenship.It turns out that you do the same as the foreigners (non-citizens), and it is quite wrong.


much meaning can be found in the concept of citizenship.I have tried to reveal the three of them, but everyone can feel themselves as something different and understands belonging to the state in another way.I'm just giving food for thought to every man for himself understand what it means to be a citizen of their country.