Town Planning Code

Urban Planning Code is the most important legal act, which regulates the relations related to zoning, development of design documentation, as well as the issue of the right to development, rights and obligations of these entities.He was adopted by 29 December 2004, since then has changed and supplemented several times.


Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation, which operates now in its text sozherzhit number of new products that did not exist previously.This applies to the design rules, which was not in any of the previous law.Moreover, examination of the documentation is regulated, acceptance of the finished property, as well as rules change an object, such as reconstruction.Going it passed smoothly and evenly, which turned out to make due to the fact that the code was entered into force gradually.

Territorial planning

important issues that should be paid attention to.Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation provides such rules, which would facilitate the development of territor

ies.Moreover, it is important to take into account the social, environmental and economic factors in determining the destination of a territory, and not overlook issues of infrastructure development and the opinion of citizens.It should be noted that in planning and participating local authorities, who gave that right federal legislator.However, competent work in this area should be conducted by all agencies together to combine efforts and achieve the desired result.


question that must first of all cover the Town Planning Code.Coined the term builder - an organization that has the right to carry out construction.Thus, it is understood that a company has special permission.In addition, the developer can attract other individuals and legal entities, they need to have expertise in this area.They are called directly to builders.Of course, the Town Planning Code does not contain any organizational details.These include the order of construction, Reconstruction of Access or repair.There is a reference to the fact that it can be provided by other normative acts, apparently, a sub-character.


As a general rule, it provides the developer.Besides, the builder is entitled to engage a third party to monitor.But if there are on-site emergency nature of the situation, it is necessary to notify about this state bodies.The act of examination - basic document that allows you to evaluate the performance of both the intermediate stage and the final result.

Conclusion One of the most progressive legislation is the Urban Planning Code, which was adopted recently.His text was an attempt to correct the mistakes of the past, make sure that the construction was carried out in accordance with all regulations.They were prescribed short stories mentioned in the article.Of course, there are still many unresolved issues and problems, but it is an occasion to further sovershenstovaniyu.