What is the rent?

word "rent", which in German means "return" has several meanings.

In particular, rents in the economy - is a continuous permanent indexed income that is paid to capital, land or other property.

One person is considered to be the recipient of the rent.This person transfers his property into the ownership of someone called the rent payer.The transaction, which is by the parties, considers the duty payer to systematically transfer the money to the recipient or other means to provide for its maintenance.

Rent - a one-way contract.Pensioners immediately after the transfer of its assets in the property of another, reserves the right but is under no obligation.

Payer also rents after the deal gets the right to dispose of property, provided for by law.He can really enjoy the property, to benefit from such use, dispose of the assets on their own (for example, to give).

civil legislation of the Russian Federation allocates various types of annuity.

constant when the rights to own property inherited or su

ccession.This annuity shall be paid indefinitely.Recipients can serve organizations, some legal entities or individuals.A prerequisite of such annuity payments are to be followed strictly defined intervals, such as once a month or quarter.Regular payments are terminated only if the payer redeem rent.

Life annuity - this agreement beneficial for all parties.The recipient sends their homes (or other property) Ltd., for which he is obliged to include the recipient's death, he agreed to provide services to the transaction or pay fixed sums of money.The property becomes the property of another person (payer) just after the death of the recipient.Alienation of the property may be free of charge (only taken into account when the rent) or paid (to rent pay an additional amount).Important: the size of the rent should not be less than 1 minimum wage per month and constantly indexed.

lifetime support with maintenance involves only the transfer of real estate.The payer may use the property of the recipient in only two cases: either with his written consent, or after his death.Such rents implies that the payer will contain the recipient needs to pay for his care, etc.Sometimes it is replaced by a sum of money.

loss, loss, destruction or damage to property specified in the contract through no fault of the recipient - not a cause for termination of the contract, he will remain valid.Therefore, taxpayers should be careful: they are at risk of enormous damage.

terminate such contract or by mutual agreement of the parties, or in the case of non-fulfillment of its conditions.

There is a concept of ground rent.Land rent - is the amount that must be paid for the lease or use of limited resources, or the income that the owner of the land receives from its tenants.

In feudal society existed labor rent, natural rents (rent in kind), cash payments.

Today there are these types of rent:

Absolute, which is paid by the lessee for all areas, regardless of their use and fertility.

differential obtained by the latest technology, a positive impact on productivity and, as a result, yield and total revenue.If the land is highly productive, formed the first type of such rent and if you need large investments - the second type.

Monopoly - a separate kind of rent.He is paid or received on the sale (purchase) of fixed types of agricultural products at a monopoly price, markedly higher than their average cost.

owners can receive rents for the use of the land on which plants are located, is a production of minerals, etc.In this case, often there is a differential rent.