Batu trail - it's a real breakthrough, leading to a beautiful legend

One of the most beautiful legends of Russian history is the myth of the Invisible City of Kitezh, or Russian Atlantis.On account of this sunken city and linked the concept of "Batu trail."This is an existing firebreak, which give access to the Svetloyar - lake with a very beautiful and native Russian name.

Literary sources

Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh has caused a surge of interest after the publication of the first part of the Novels Melnikov-Pechersky "In the Woods," which he wrote from 1871 to 1874.In this work are described in detail the customs, legends, the life of the Old Believers, from which, in fact, went "Svetloyarsky cult".Among the literary treasures of the Old Believers-runners (bespopovskogo direction) is a monument built probably in the XVIII century, under the name "Kitezhsky chronicler", which is mentioned Batu trail.It's a secret road, Khan issued a traitor.The book has a second name - "The Book, glagolemaya chronicler."It consists of two parts.And if the first section

it is under a historical basis, the second dedicated to the "earthly paradise" and a monument to the apocryphal.In other words, the history of which appear directly City of Kitezh and Batu trail - is, in essence, a retelling of the legendary and apocryphal, passed from mouth to mouth.

Actual events

parable tells of Kitezh as a mysterious place, where true believers await the Second Coming of Christ.Some sources said that the gates will not open up Kitezh appearance of the Messiah, and so the city is sometimes called the "messianic."The first part of the book tells the story of real-life prince of Vladimir and Suzdal Yuri Vsevolodovich (1188-1238), who lived at a time and in a place referred to in the literary monument.He was the third son of the famous fertility of its Grand Prince Vsevolod Big Nest.They called it so because of the large number of women and children.Although Yaroslav the Wise in the number of children capped Vladimir ruler.

best representatives of the princely family

Prince Yuri was a man righteous and devout.Virgin Monastery in Nizhny Novgorod, which he founded.In 1645, he was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church.With this historical figure associated with many legends, according to which he was the founder of the Small Kitezh on the Volga River (later Gorodets) Yurievets and Greater Kitezh.A sad and beautiful myth fanned death of the prince on the battlefield.Batu beheaded him and traditionally traveled with her all the battlefield.When parts of dismembered bodies laid side by side, they have grown together, leaving no trace.At the same time the right hand of the deceased was raised like a living.He is credited with several statements and predictions.

destroyer of the Russian land

According to legend, Batu, pursuing the retreating Prince, seized and destroyed small Kitezh.From the residents, he learns about the existence of Greater Kitezh and sends his army there.But on the road impassable wall stands the forest.Batu learns from a prisoner, where you need to hack a clearing.So there Batu trail.This is an existing road.Here fiction and reality intertwine.Before the eyes of the Mongol troops appeared beautiful and completely protected the city.Residents were engaged in passionate prayer of salvation, an appeal to God.And in front of astonished conquerors from the earth began to beat numerous fountains, and the city went under water.Newest vanished golden cross of the main temple.In place of just existing city appeared correct form oval lake Svetloyar.Kitezh became invisible and inaccessible for enemies.The Lord heard the pleas of the townspeople and hid them.Before this miracle Batu retreated.


Svetloyarsky lake itself, its origins - a topic for debate and conjecture.Its correct form gives reason to think that this meteorite crater.However, for many the heart of a beautiful legend about Kitezh, which speaks about the power of faith and the Russian it is something more than a myth.She inspired talented people to create beautiful music and art works included in the treasury of Russian culture (above the epic and the famous opera by Rimsky-Korsakov).Numerous paintings of artists inspired by this theme, cause delight.The main essence of the legend that the beautiful invisible holy city is shown on the eyes only true righteous and sinful man originally.