The state on the banks of the Nile.

Thousands of years ago in the African continent there was one of the oldest states in the world - Egypt.

Ancient history: the state on the banks of the Nile.Time of occurrence and the first inhabitants

Egypt, like many other eastern countries, originated in a place where there was a constant source of water.In China, the first settlements appeared on the banks of the Yangtze and Yellow, Mesopotamia was located in the valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates.The state on the banks of the Nile, ancient Egypt, was no exception.

Also a source of water, the river gave the inhabitants of Ta-Kemet (ancient name of the country), fertile soil that allows for the rich harvest.

Egypt appeared about six thousand years ago.The date of his education, adopted by a majority of researchers - the middle of the IV millennium BC.e.Who inhabited the country on the banks of the Nile at the time?

At the beginning of the fourth millennium the future of Egypt formed Caucasoid protoegipetskie tribes.They have alrea

dy entered a period of emergence of farming communities.In addition, they became engaged and animal husbandry.To them it has been characterized by a sedentary lifestyle.There are the first buildings - homes and granaries.

At the end of the Chalcolithic bregam Nile existed for several protogosudarstva.This period is called the pre-dynastic researchers, as Egypt was not yet united under one ruler in one administrative unit.

unified Egypt and its first ruler

It is believed that around 3000 BC.e.The upper and lower kingdoms, which had previously quarreled, were merged into a single state.Egyptologists have very little information about those times, so controversial is the question of the governor, which has become the head of a united Egypt.They believe Menes, who, according to the ancient historian Manetho, and established a unified state.Other researchers think that he and Pharaoh Narmer - one and the same person.

If the identity of the first ruler of Egypt still being debated, the date of the unification of the country on the banks of the Nile is considered to have accurately established.

Natural conditions

What is so attracted the territory of the future of Egypt's first inhabitants?First of all, it was Neil.He - a source of fertility of the land, a real gift for the farmers.Remaining after the flood silt soft soil did, and it was easy to handle even a wooden plow.Climate allows to obtain several harvests per year.

Feature of Egypt was the fact that all the raw materials are nearby.Throughout the country there were almost no metal, but they were caught in neighboring areas.What is the state on the banks of the Nile is experiencing an acute shortage, so it is in the tree.

Egypt was very well located geographically.Neal was navigable, and allows you to connect the country with neighboring states, such as Nubia.

country on the banks of the Nile and its inhabitants.Agriculture and the life of the ancient Egyptians

Despite the favorable conditions and climate, employment in agriculture in Egypt demanded a lot of effort.Flooding of the Nile left behind not only the fertile silt, and wetlands, which were carried out dangerous animals.Winds blowing from the desert, bringing sand, which fell asleep crops and feeds.Farming in Egypt was irrigated, and built many kilometers of channels that constantly need to be maintained in working order.The first inhabitants of the country for hundreds of years had to spend on it to turn Egypt into a magical place.

main agricultural crops of the Egyptians were wheat and barley.Due to the unusual softness of the soil is a kind of sat.First, simply scatter the seed on the field, and then chased him a herd of goats or pigs.They have their hooves trampled the grain into the soil.

crop harvested early - as early as April or May.Collected in a sheaf threshed, again, with the help of cattle.Expanding the crop on the ground and chased a herd on it.Hooves copes with the task and beat out the grain from the shell.

Besides crops, farmers grew vegetables, flax, grapes and broken gardens.

state on the banks of the Nile famous for its artisans.High skill attained Egyptians in weaving.They make high-quality linen, which was stained in white, red, blue and green.Well was developed in Egypt and pottery.

Gen. population was simple and unassuming.The peasants and craftsmen built houses made of mud and reeds.Houses of the nobility were of mud brick, keeps you cool, or wood.Often constructed walls around the houses of the rich, that was where to hide from prying eyes.

food was very simple inhabitants of Egypt.The basis of it accounted for grain and vegetables.The special honor was the garlic and leeks.Commoners rarely ate meat, mostly on holidays, and in the homes of the rich, it was part of a steady diet.


country on the banks of the Nile and its residents now cause genuine interest.Egypt - one of the most mysterious ancient states, the beauty of nature which is real delight, and majestic monuments - admired by its creators.