The average speed of the two-wheeled horse and its role is to make the vacation enjoyable

«It is impossible to grasp the immensity" - wrote the Russian classic.These words are more relevant than ever, when we go on vacation and plan our route.How do you want to see everything.And especially if you chose to Europe and to obtain a Schengen visa for a fixed term with a single entry.Once in a particular tourist town, we've seen tourists who rush about like crazy, with a map and guidebook in hand, putting them "tick" next to attractions, where they visited.But the average walking pace is still four kilometers per hour.You can, of course, the string up and go to the trot and even polugalop, has a top speed of up to 7 kilometers per hour, but that you have deposited in the memory?In the evening you will feel downtrodden horse at the racetrack, and history will only "show" in the guide.

You can give yourself the acceleration, taking his assistant two-wheeled friend, because the average speed of a cyclist is much more than walking speed - 25-30 km per hour.These figures are based on the fact that y

ou are driving on a flat road with a smooth surface, no luggage, no busy street traffic, you are young and healthy.If one of these conditions falls, the speed of movement immediately drops to 15 kilometers per hour.Therefore, if you are going to make a cycling trip, it is best to start in their calculations of the last digit.

If you are an inexperienced rider, as a trial of strength will suit one-day biking in nature.Choose for her a populated area, where the distance between the points where people live (which, if anything, will be able to help you), would not be more than a couple of kilometers.Strive not pressing on the pedals let your average speed is 10-15 kilometers - until the evening you will still have time to go home.After the first attempt can make a brave raid somewhere in the neighborhood (lake or river, the nearest interesting town), taking with him a small luggage.This can be a backpack or saddle saddlebag, fishing rod or a basket.Try a ride on the dirt road, choose their way of rolling hills.Note the time spent on the road, and on the map, check the mileage to know how fast you were driving in the middle.

commit such samples and strengthen their skills to pedal, you can have seriously dream of a multi-day cycling routes.It is best to choose for this tour of the country, where people traveling on two-wheeled transport, are respected.In Vietnam, for example, cycling is much more than car drivers, so the whole street traffic adapted "for them."But steer the crowd is extremely difficult, and the average speed of the bicycle there will be not more than 10 km per hour.However, there are countries where a person's decision to leave the car and go on the ecological form of transport - a bicycle, is delighted the government.In the United States, Canada and European countries are special bike lanes, which (unlike our sad reality) is not allowed to use other road users.Even pedestrians do not have the right to go to them.The only obstacle in your way may be except that the other cyclists.Ride itself and ed!

In many European cities, in addition to the tracks, the authorities offer to rent bicycles.With a credit card, you can take on the terminal two-wheeled vehicle, drive it and where you need to leave it on a completely different terminal.Go to the museum, take a walk ... Then take the third terminal bike to leave it in the fourth.Very convenient: you need not worry that your bike be stolen, you do not need to spend money on urban transport, and the average speed of cyclists grows compared to the speed of the pedestrian.

If cycling - is your passion, you can take a real journey with his trusted friend iron.Many travel agencies offer a variety of bike tours in Europe.The average speed of the participant of this approach is the most sparing: about 15-20 km per hour.On the road on a bicycle tour guide shows you places of interest, followed by car you drive your luggage and all night waiting for a hotel with a swimming pool where you can take the load off tired legs.