Foreign language courses: private tutoring, study groups and self-education?

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is an important competitive advantage for career development, it contributes to the development of personality and facilitates intercultural communication.Today, therefore, the study of foreign language not only attracts students of linguistic specialties and employees of international companies, but also representatives of other professions and social strata, regardless of age and gender.Since school knowledge for quality language practice is not enough wanting to learn a foreign language at a high level of knowledge written on group language courses or hire a private tutor.

advantages and disadvantages of individual lessons

advantages of language learning with a private tutor obvious: individual lessons provide high-intensity education, aimed at solving a particular problem listening, learning takes place with maximum involvement in the educational process, in close contact with the teacher ensures good results in the short term.However, individual lessons have an

appropriate value, and not every Russian can afford to pay for the services of private tutors and even more of a native speaker.

Advantages and disadvantages of group lessons

The main drawback is the lack of group classes individual sending information to each student individually.But the group courses, there are many of its advantages: the classes are held in an atmosphere of communicative immersion;English language courses or any other foreign audience in 10 people allows you to devote enough time to each listener and at the same time to organize the effective interaction of students not only from the teacher, but also among themselves.On the other hand, Japanese courses are held in smaller groups because they require much more indvidualnoy assistance.

features self

Today there are many opportunities for a free language education via the Internet.If you have permanent access to the network, a certain amount of free time and a great desire to learn the language, you can do it yourself and not have to go to special foreign language courses.In the opinion of other polyglots can choose the most convenient and interesting on-line course, create several educational resources, talk on the discussion forums and download useful literature and free audio courses will help develop language skills, not only to your computer but also on the road.In short, who wants to - he will find every opportunity to achieve their goals.