The recoverable amount.

Fixed assets include operating companies involved in the manufacturing process, with a term of greater than one year.Fixed assets in use wear out.The amount of wear OS partially transferred to the production costs.

To measure the volume of fixed assets only natural physical units.This, for example, a piece of equipment, square footage, etc.Accounting for fixed assets to determine the degree of wear of fixed assets, gives full dynamics of its practical use for the entire useful life of the action.

The accounting value of the operating system is different and is divided into the following types.This initial valuation, replacement cost and residual .Also used other types.This liquidation and market value.

Thus, the initial estimated value is generated from the actual costs obtained at the time of purchase.It remains the same and constant for the duration of their efficiency and may be revised only in the revaluation, or in the case of change or modernization produced overhaul.

Replacement cost - a

quantitative amount of costs in the form of depreciation that is needed to restore worn-out facilities, designed with all the really existing building codes, regulatory, pricing, and market value of the material resources and the necessary labor.

Replacement cost operating system may be fully or minus depreciation.Thus, the total replacement cost is calculated on the basis of the results of the revaluation of fixed assets, including accrued depreciation.It also takes into account the physical and obsolescence (wear) operating system.Physical deterioration includes their cost as a result of the deterioration of the physical characteristics or partial loss of performance under the influence of natural factors.This kind of wear can go from 1 to 5% of the initial estimate of the operating system.Obsolescence provides for the reduction of the original cost of 3 to 5% as a result of the widespread introduction in the market of production of new models of equipment and individual nodes.

This assessment is unified and comparable in different periods of use, allowing to analyze the volume of investments for further funds to complete their reproduction or update.And it also allows more accurate calculation of the production costs of the production and subsequent sale of products objectively calculate the cost of operating in the event of their subsequent transfer to rent and more.Compared with the original, replacement cost can vary in a large, and in the smaller side.These changes depend on the direction of prices on production and installation works, the performance and transport costs.Replacement cost net of depreciation is calculated by multiplying the rate of wear on the full replacement value, taking into account revaluation.

Finally.The residual value of the same - a fraction of the cost, which was not included in the cost of production in the form of depreciation.

On this basis, the recoverable amount of fixed assets is equal to the value of their subsequent updates.The magnitude of the amount of deviation of the value of their initial assessment depends largely on the growth of science and technology, innovation and the level of inflation.