What to do if you do not want to live longer?

What to do if you do not want to live?So the question is given by a person, if he is depressed or has developed a difficult situation in life.But once he is thinking, and does not apply to part with life, then he realizes that it is necessary to seek a way out.To do this, you need to change the prevailing opinion at the moment.

You ask yourself, "What if you do not want to live?" Perhaps you are disabled or sick terrible disease?You died a person close to him or disaster struck?If not, you have everything in order and you will be the happiest person.It's just depression, melancholy.You must understand that you are faced with a short-term weakness.Maybe you have not praised the chief achieved the goal did not bring the expected satisfaction or on the street just the rain.No need to drive yourself into a state where no one wants to live.It is better to try to set yourself up as quickly as possible to the positive.And then your life will change and life will sparkle with more vivid colors.How to do it?In

cluding comedies, go to a new musical or disco, meet with positive friends, but just dance to the house under the fiery music.Gloom will fly with you as a veil.

If after that the idea of ​​"what to do if you do not want to live" continues to overpower you, then analyze the situation.You knocked out of the rut is a problem?And then on was followed by second, third, etc?Or you changed the husband (wife), you are fired from work, just do not have anything for money?Stop, you are constantly chasing thoughts about what happened.Change blues that has already happened, you just do not get.Moreover, according to the laws of the universe man pulls his bad thoughts and words of new problems.You need to change your thoughts, your words, your mood.Gradually everything will begin to change, you're just in a different look at life.Remember, your destiny can not depend on only one person, a specific job or money.

If you do not want to live, then think about the people that you road.Your children, parents or friends do not want you to lose.What it will be, if you doom them to a forced separation?They somehow continue to live.Start exist for the sake of these people, and gradually you will regain the meaning of life.

When you are tormented by the question: "What if I do not want to live?", Do not need to set it on the forums on the Internet.We meet people you probably do not have a similar situation, and they will write anything without thinking that a careless word can push you to a desperate step.It is better to find people who have problems much more substantial yours.Talk with them, support, than you can.Then you realize that you are still very good.The existing problems are solved, and it is not necessary because they take their own lives.

If you mope and do not see the way out of the vicious circle, you can try another way.Find a good psychologist, but do not think that such specialists are cheap.For their services will have to pay a good price.Use counseling psychologists beginners as possible, but in this case there is no guarantee that you will receive quality service.

In order to get out of depression, it is necessary to make a breakthrough to positive emotions.Of course, you can just take it easy and go with the flow, thinking that everything will be resolved.And you can take responsibility and turn the tide.First of all, you need to calm down, to retire.Think about the situation, to find some way out of it.Even better write everything in detail on a sheet.And you realize that everything can be solved, since there are no hopeless situations.And then, in retrospect, you are surprised that almost lost their lives due to any problems or temporary depression.