Why dream of a bird - Wait for the news

Have you, dear readers in a dream to see the birds?It is possible that one will see and then be interested in - what could it be?If you do not mind, I can help you with this, since for a long time studying all kinds of dream books.

In my dream to see the bird - to find himself behind!So Vedic broadcasting sonnik Sivananda.It is understood that the flying bird, whose dreams of a man reported failure, deceleration in business.But this interpretation does not apply to the poor people.For them, the same symbol can be interpreted exactly the opposite - as an increase in financial income.If these birds still sing, the probability increases of enrichment.

We are in question - why take down the birds - a dream book is not limited, but take a look and a few others to better clarify.What in general can mean that character?According to Dream Interpretation Shuvalov human subconscious bird is associated with weakness.A man who sees a dream, hardly provides itself with everything necessary for a normal existenc


With frequent repetition of such dreams, they may show the following symptoms.Man sees the world hostile, experiencing persistent obstacles.The impression is that everywhere surrounded by hostile forces.Dream book recommends is aware of its internal resources.

necessary to work out a situation from the past, which have a negative impact on you.Sometime you may rely on others too, considering themselves impotent, not capable of independent problem solving.It's time to change everything and to take responsibility for their lives.

Why take down the birds to people rich and wealthy?If birds flit, the old English dream book warns that this is a good sign.In cases such changes can occur that will lead to tragic consequences.

The same dream interpretation agrees with the dream book Vedic that such a dream the poor dreamer promises something good, good.Especially if it's a beautiful bird, who are not afraid of your presence, the promotion you provided.

Why take down the birds that sing, cheerfully chirping?In this case, the old English dream book makes us happy.All will be well!Success in business may have to journey to distant lands.If you see a dead bird in a dream, it is also good.The end comes a black band, there comes a time of joy for change.Get ready to meet a new period in the life of light.

Why dream of a bird flying in the clear sky?Maintain get from afar.It is written in the Eastern women's dream book.You will see a feather - get a letter.Well, if you can see Swallows - it is to the best of circumstances.But chickens, crows and sparrows - for trouble.The danger portends snyaschayasya owl.

What dreams poultry Dream Interpretation Nostradamus?Oh, here value of the global and the author was not too lazy to paint in detail the significance of this symbol.So the big bird could mean that the Earth flies meteorite, which may even destroy several cities.Birdie small size brings peace, peace, stability Earth.Wars will not, hunger and poverty will sink into the past.Everyone will be happy.In general, complete harmony will come, particularly marked is the dreamer himself.

Why dream of a bird without a head.It has the attitude to Russia.It will take place events, carrying with him the sadness.But if the dream of an eagle-headed, and even black, it can safely be happy for my country!If you are of course from Russia, because this eagle foretells the power of the State.If this eagle is the battle with the beast, it is fraught with conflicts and even military clashes.

eagle soaring in the sky confirms your desire for spirituality, God-seeking, mercy - a good sleep.Rooster in a dream attack - quarrels portends you!Someone will try to pull you into the conflict.And you do not give in.

In Dream Interpretation Martin Zadek this character is treated briefly and clearly - Joy!So I wish you joy, happiness and prosperity!