The life of ancient people.

life of ancient people directly dependent on the tribe, which was arranged a collective work.All of the first people to live in public housing, because it was easier to survive.By joining the community, they can transmit the experience of the older generation to the younger, who, in turn, learned to hunt, to produce a variety of tools from stone and wood.Skills and knowledge passed down from generation to generation for centuries.

Each student should know the history of their ancestors.They can get knowledge from textbooks, which describe the life of ancient people.Grade 5 gives the opportunity to learn about the first people and get to know the features of their way of life.

first fire fight with the elements of nature have always been interested person.The conquest of fire was the first step towards the survival of humanity.Ancient people were first introduced to the fire when he saw volcanic eruptions and forest fires.People were not afraid to scale disasters that have befallen them, but on th

e contrary, wanted to use fire for its use.Therefore, we learned how to make it artificially.Get the fire was quite time-consuming process, so it carefully cherished and preserved.Ancient people start a fire in the following manner.We took a dry board, were doing it in a hole and twisted her wand as long as there is smoke, and behind it, and the fire in the dry leaves near the pits.

weapons and tools

life story of ancient people has fun facts.Scientists have found interesting finds: weapons, tools and many household items.They amaze with their ingenuity.All items made by ancient masters of improvised materials: wood, bone and stone.The main instruments of labor were considered as objects made of stone.With their help, subsequently treated wood and bone.Many tribes in order to protect masters from stone war club, arrows, spears and knives.Of reindeer and whale bone made axes for making boats from a single tree trunk.The process of making a boat such instruments of labor could take up to three years.Needles of bone dogs sewed clothes and shoes.

Features cooking

life of ancient man was not without cooking.Domestic household items first people made mainly of bushes and branches, leather, bamboo, wood, coconut shell, bark and stuff.Food cooked in a wooden trough in which hot stones were thrown.In the later period, people learned to make dishes out of clay.To start cooking this meal.The analogue spoons were river and sea shells, and forks - the usual wooden sticks.

fishing, hunting and gathering communities

in fishing, hunting and gathering were integral to the life of ancient people.This type of food production refers to the form of appropriating economy.In ancient times, people engaged in gathering fruit, birds' eggs, larvae, snails, and other root crops.Mostly it was the work of the women of the tribe.Men got the role of hunters and fishermen.When hunting, they have undertaken a variety of techniques: traps, traps, corrals and raids.The purpose of hunting was getting food and other means of livelihood, namely horns, tendons, feathers, fat, bone and skin.The fishing used sticks tipped with sharp stone, and later began to weave a network.

Growing cattle

replaced appropriating economy came form producing.You can select one basic - cattle.Lifestyle ancient people has changed over time, from the nomads they became sedentary, they no longer seek to leave the place of their settlements, have settled in them forever.Therefore, the domestication and breeding of animals possible.Cattle came from hunting.The first domesticated animals were sheep, goats and pigs, and later - cattle and horses.Accordingly, an irreplaceable pet was a dog that guarded the house and was an ally in the hunt.


Women played a leading role in the development of agriculture, since they are engaged in gathering.The life of ancient man changed radically when he has mastered this type of foraging.Axe stone cut down the trees, and then burned.Thus, it frees up space in the flatter areas.Digging stick with a sharp tip was impromptu hoe.She first people were digging.Later invented the shovel - a stick with a flat end, and hoe - normal females to the process, which is tied to the sharp stone, bone or horn tip of the animal.Worldwide ancient people grew in the fields of those plants that were inherent in the area of ​​their habitat.Corn, potato, and pumpkin grown in America, rice - Indochina, wheat - Asia, cabbage - in Europe and so forth.


with a lifetime of ancient man forced to learn different crafts.They have evolved in accordance with the terms of the area of ​​residence of the first people and the availability of raw materials available nearby.The earliest of them are: woodwork, pottery, leather tanning, weaving, processing of hides and bark.There is a suspicion that arose in the process of pottery vessels woven by women.They began to coat them with clay or clay pieces themselves squeezed recess for liquids.

spiritual life

spiritual life of ancient man seen in the cultural heritage of ancient Egypt.This great civilization has left a significant mark in the history of mankind.Religious motifs permeated all the creativity of the Egyptians.The first people believed that human existence on earth - it is only a transition to the afterlife.This stage was not considered so important.From birth, people are prepared to care in a completely different world.Reflection of the spiritual life of ancient Egypt is reflected in paintings and other art forms.

Human life in the art of ancient Egypt

in ancient Egyptian state flourished extraordinary and colorful paintings.The Egyptians were deeply religious religious people, so their whole life consisted of rituals that can be traced to the subject of their paintings and drawings.Most of the paintings are dedicated to the highest mystical beings glorify the dead, religious rites and priests.To this day, the findings of these works are true pieces of art.

Paintings Egyptian artists performed according to strict limits.The figures of gods, humans and animals were taken to portray strictly from the front, and their faces in profile.It looks like some kind of mystical diagram.Painting the Egyptians served as the religiously decoration of buildings, tombs and buildings where they lived noble citizens.Also, for the painting of ancient Egypt is characterized by monumentality.In the temples of their gods Egyptian artists created images that sometimes reached enormous proportions.

arts of ancient Egypt has a unique, inherent only to her style, incomparable to any other.

ancient civilization of the first people captivates its versatility and depth.This period is an important stage in the development of all mankind.