Accounting in budgetary organizations, and not only in them

Accounting Basics Accounting - a process control and asset management business entity, reflecting the current economic state of the organization.The object of accounting is all the property of the company, which are divided into:

  • assets (funds business entity);
  • liabilities (sources of their formation);
  • current processes.

control process fully displayed in a standardized document, which is called the accounting registry.In it there is a record of assets and liabilities of the organization.In order to ensure a consistent description of the economic condition of the company are reflected in the register transfer operations funds.They are elements interconnected system processes that ensure the economic activity of the enterprise, and are divided into:

  • of supply;
  • production or other activities, establishing the existence of the company;
  • operation for the implementation of its activities.

Budget Accounting

All of these business processes consist of many different elements, registered in

the accounting registers.They are a prerequisite for doing business in the modern economic system of market relations.Strict reporting for accounting - is the main factor of the existence of the industry as a whole.After all, every day more and more people are trying to save, but perfectly analyzed registry is the shortest way to achieve this goal.

Business entities with a partial or full public funding

Accounting in budgetary organizations is still the same accounting, but only with partial or full state financing of accounting.It is based on estimates of income and expenditure facility.Accounting in budgetary organizations is conducted in accordance with the procedure provided for data reporting entities.And they determined, according to the ordinance, the respective constituent documents and financial authorities.Accounting and control operations on the distribution of funds in this case controls the federal treasury.It keeps track of how business is accounting in budgetary organizations, supported by the whole process if the relevant regulations and legislation in general.Thus, this type of control allocated public funds is an ordinary element of accountability and resource allocation tool entity.In addition, accounting in budgetary organizations performs the following tasks:

  • compliance with applicable regulations, decrees and laws in general;
  • the use of modern methods of reporting;
  • monitoring pre-clearance documents;
  • ensuring information transparency of the economic condition of the organization;
  • education provision of financial stability in order to prevent a negative result during the course of business;
  • extremely precise statement of the budget of the organization and its target use.

thus accounting - is not just a way of counting money, and tools total control over all the values ​​of the enterprise, the organization, the country and the world at large.