How to get Russian citizenship to a foreigner?

More and more foreigners learn the space of our country.Some of them want to live here and become full-fledged citizens of Russia.Let's see how to get Russian citizenship to citizens of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, America and other countries.There are a number of requirements and rules, observing that you can without any problems to implement the desire.However, it should be understood that if a foreigner has decided to go through the whole procedure, it will be forced to give up the citizenship of their country.However, certain penalties in case of failure of this procedure has not yet been established.

If the foreigner had a desire issue Russian citizenship, you must first poluchitofitsialnuyu paper authorizing temporary residence.This document provides an opportunity to temporarily stay in the country until the moment when it will be granted residence permits.Necessary papers are served on the RVP with a visa (any other than tourism).

There is some reason, due to which formalize Russian citizenship eas

ier.These include:

  • presence of relatives - citizens of our country;
  • marriage to a Russian, not less than three years;
  • not less than 250 thousand dollars of investment in the economy of our country;
  • a passport of the USSR, which contains the residence on the territory of Russia;
  • a certificate of service in the ranks of our army;
  • the presence of a Russian university diploma;
  • forced migrant status or asylum.

approximately twelve months after it was received RWP should submit the necessary documentation to obtain a residence permit.However, if you have a registered marriage with a resident of Russia, you can do it right away.Most likely, the FMS with a foreigner will require a certificate of no criminal record in the territory of the Russian Federation and in his homeland as well as a document indicating sources of income.It is worth knowing that the issue of residence permit should be as soon as possible, because the RWP is issued for three years and then not be extended.

order to obtain Russian citizenship, a foreigner will need to get a job on the territory of our state.However, after receipt of the above issue, it will be able to work only in the region where the document was obtained.

What you need to do next or how to get Russian citizenship to citizens of Kazakhstan?With the purpose of employment will be required to issue a work permit.This will allow, including and free medicine.Under federal law, a foreigner must reside in the territory of our country continuously at least five years from the date of registration of residence.This requirement is met if the person does not leave the country for more than three months per calendar year.

After five years of residence in the territory of our country behind a foreigner can submit documents to the Federal Migration Service, and are proud to obtain Russian citizenship.Finally I want to note that the future Russian citizen will have to provide evidence that he is fluent in Russian and has passed the appropriate tests.However, representatives of the stronger sex over 65, and women - 60 exempt from this requirement.