Can you give rabbits nettles?

At the family council decided that the family should live pets.Rabbits can compete with dogs and cats, especially with hamsters and rats, and certainly with parrots and fish, the right to be with you and be a joy to your children.Domestic rabbits are quite intelligent animals.They lend themselves to training and taming.Responds to the call by name, can overcome barriers to play with the ball and doing comical stand on their hind legs.A Pet Rabbit - the process is not complicated and does not take much time and effort.

House for

bunny rabbits - animals unpretentious.Putting them enough food and water, you can leave the animal at home alone.But leave them unattended for a long time outside the cell is unsafe.They can gnaw through electrical cables.It's best to buy a special cage where small animal can move freely.The height of the side walls of the cells should be from fifty centimeters above the animal to sit on the foot without interference from above.

In the cage must be placed stable feeders

and waterers.The bottom is better to lay a wood filler, sawdust and straw.During the warmer seasons, animals will be happy walks on a green lawn.In this context, the answer to the question of whether rabbits fresh grass, only positive.

lovers purity

Domestic rabbits are very clean.They are easy to accustom to the dressing tray.It is important to monitor its cleanliness and timely change filler.Dirty tray defiantly not your pet will enjoy.Wash cells better organic detergents without foreign pungent odor.Remains of detergents can damage Neat and smells of kitchen cleaners rabbits can not tolerate.The purity of his fur animals are cared for themselves.Wash them only in cases of emergency, t. To. Bathing washed away the protective layer of fat, and the wool becomes dull, it may fall out.It is enough to comb it with a special brush.

Health pet in your hands

It is worth recalling the proverb "cowardly as a hare" and do not give children to overdo it with boundless love.Young rabbits are afraid of sharp screams, noise.To grown animal health, not fearful and nervous, it is often not necessary to pull.Important good friendly atmosphere in the family.Well-groomed, healthy rabbit is active, curious, happy to go to the contact, and eating out of hand.

Pet important not only regular food and cleanliness of the content, but also a calm, gentle contact with the owner.

feed costs

home decorative rabbits fed twice a day.In the morning, as the English aristocracy, it is better to give oat flakes and other cereals.In the evening, the best fruits, vegetables and herbs.Be sure to enclose hay during the day for snacks.Not eaten, but good food residues are removed from the feeders do not need.Rabbit - a nocturnal animal and dozhuet all later.In general, the cost of food rabbit pleasantly surprise their insignificance.But it is important to consider in advance the diet.It differs little from the diet of a wild relative, and must satisfy all the needs of an animal in minerals and vitamins.


In the wild, rabbits eat very different grass.They like stems, leaves, flowers, roots, the roots of many plants.When feeding ornamental rabbits do not need to deviate from the usual natural menu.Only important from an early age to teach them a variety of herbal diet.

necessity of herbal feed

such herbs as dandelion, clover, alfalfa, nettle, rabbits need, first of all, for the normal operation of the stomach.It is a source of fiber and green storehouse of vitamins and minerals.Fiber is vital, t. To. Pushes hairballs are constantly falling into the stomach of your pet.And there are many abrasive particles that help the rabbits on time and in a natural way to grind teeth.Many people question whether it is possible to give nettles rabbits. Supposedly it can cause bloating and diarrhea.Such a reaction is possible in rabbits intestines any new grass in the diet.And to be sure, can give nettles rabbits, need to know about this plant more.

Nettle in the diet of rabbits decorative

Nettle - a wild medicinal plants.The first shoots appear, as soon as the snow melts.Early spring nettles for rabbits is an indispensable source of vitamins.It has antibacterial properties - it is a natural medicine for animals and humans.Green shoots are rich in protein, accelerating peristalsis.Adult rabbits, leading a sedentary life and are accustomed to the grass fodder, young shoots are essential for the normal functioning of the intestines.Can you give a little rabbits nettles?Starting from three weeks of age - yes.But first, a very small amount, and no more than three times a week.For better food nettles grow in your own garden, on the balcony or collect away from roads and industries.Useful shoots before flowering plants.To nettle is not burned, it is thoroughly washed and scalded with boiling water salty.Dried and chopped vegetable knife with ceramic without oxidizing greens blade.As such, it can be added to dry food or mixed with hay.For winter and your pets have been nutritionally-vitamin supplement, be sure to zagotovte nettles for the winter.

Nettle in the farm business

For the farmer, or a breeder growing rabbits question of whether to give nettles rabbits uniquely solved positively.The reasons already listed - antibacterial properties, essential trace elements and vitamins.Plus, it is a valuable source of vegetable protein, which is absorbed by the rabbits better than any supplement.And most importantly - it is a safe source of protein, particularly the need to increase the weight of the animals.

Cereal bran mixed with nettle leaves, sprinkled with salt water - a favorite treat rabbits - on the farm is indispensable.Nettle necessarily added to the feed rabbit, nursing small pups for best lactation.And it is important to always remember that rabbits should never be given in the dew wet grass or freshly mown metal braid.And such grass as datura, belladonna, backache, milkweed, celandine, buttercups, hellebore, chernokoren - poison for them in any quantity and in any form.

twig food

Also very useful herb twig food for rabbits.In the cage for ornamental rabbits can enclose branches ash, birch, linden, fruit trees, pear and apple trees.Very useful bark of pine or juniper.This is again a source of necessary minerals and vitamins beneficial.And on the bark of branches rabbits comfortably grind cutters.For farms specializing in the cultivation of species living in burrows, twig food for rabbits even more relevant.Only the branches of hazel, oak, elm, alder, in the bark of which a lot of tannins, the table will not fit in rabbits.