The facial features and character

Ever since ancient times, sculptors and painters have tried to find common features, then to perpetuate their image in their masterpieces.Today, many people are also interested in the question of what is it, the ideal person?And until now, the answer is not found, because almost everyone has their ideal appearance.And if all individuals were perfectly correct and symmetrical, then humanity would be like a shop window, lined with the same type of living Barbie dolls and Kenami.And to live then it would be boring, because the view is usually "cling" for something that is very different of a person from all others.In addition, the facial features of the same type and involve some similarity of characters, and it significantly restricts the choice of a suitable partner.

Yes, the human face bears the imprints of not only age, but also character.Each individual has unique features, which carry certain information.And you can learn how to read.We can not agree that the ability to determine the nature of faci

al features is very useful.Thus, you can own to protect themselves from bad things acquaintance or, on the contrary, reveal an interesting personality.All that you need - this is the first meeting to identify the main features of the interlocutor and, on this basis, build a conversation.

What you should pay attention in the first place?Of course, the shape of the face.If you got a round-party dialogue, you should know that such a person is good-natured and even a little soft-bodied.These people love and appreciate comfort as well as cheerful and friendly company.The man with the triangular, tapering face, surely something is gifted and quarrelsome, and crafty.Despite this, it is such people are more prone to other attachments.Owners of square people often decisive and courageous.Women tend to dominate over others.Those features trapezoidal usually very artistic nature, intelligent and kind.Next

should pay attention to the eyes.No wonder they are called the mirror of the soul.Look at their incision and shape: a narrow, though narrowed eyes betray a secretive man.If they are wide open in front of you is very sensitive, but often not sparkling special intelligence source.Also, do not bypass the party and the color of the iris.Energetic nature give a dark green and black eyes, but blue and light green often owned by people not very decisive.Dark brown eyes speak of shyness and modesty, and dark gray - an outstanding mind and a certain aggressiveness.

considering facial features, look at the nose of the interlocutor, since it can also tell a lot.For example, long-nosed people - these individuals and holders of short - very open and sincere.Greek aquiline nose can often be found in people of cunning.Narrow suggests levity of its owner.If it is large enough, it means that you got a very sympathetic person.

not ignored and such detail as the eyebrows.If they are dense, this means that their owner tends to dominate throughout.Eyebrows located low, give a humble and kind person, and if they are strongly curved, it is said that a person loves all the command and to lead.This is especially true for women, but in this case, his eyebrows still rely not worth it, because ladies tend to change their shape, size and color.

And, finally, we got to the mouth and lips.For example, a small mouth makes clear that the person in front of you flabby.People strong in spirit, it is big.As for the lips, the companion thin enough petty and insidious, so with the "character" ear need to keep eye on.The slightly protruding upper lip is a sign of insecurity.If it appears more than the lower lip - a sure sign of an egoist.