Personality - is the unique qualities of the person

We all want to be different from each other and strive to express their individuality and uniqueness.Choosing clothes, for example, each woman tries to emphasize their uniqueness via original style, as well as the different parts and accessories.

If we turn to history and remember the Soviet era, when all one dressed in a department store in the same for all the clothes, it may be noted that the emergence of the so-called "mods" have been signs of a struggle and a desire to express individuality.

People are always trying to demonstrate its uniqueness.Tiny children from birth exhibit character and temperament.Even if a mother gave birth to twins, she can easily distinguish them by habits and demeanor, because each of them in its own way responds to everything that happens around.

Individuality - a unique quality of individual, peculiar characteristics that belong only to him.Personal qualities of the person, his habits and interests, the manifestation of experiences and attitudes, abilities and inc

linations - all this is an integral characteristic of the individual, making it unique.

sell their individuality through the behavior of people in society, reactions to certain situations and events.It should be noted that a significant impact on the development of the person providing the media.Too many transmission and various talk shows lead to a standardized, one-sided development.It inhibits the ability to think and analyze, as represented by the situation and the images have already placed the emphasis, as if to push the formed conclusions.The most dangerous is for teenagers, because at that age individuality - it's unformed features of the person and the person is only a process of socialization.In such cases, the truth is accepted, any authoritative statements theory.

Yet people differ from each other not only characteristics that include shape, height, eye color, etc.The main difference lies in the set of personal psychological characteristics, such as temperament, ability, emotional character.

Individuality - a combination of certain traits that shape the formation of a particular person as a person, making it unique and special.The desire to be different from other makes of the individual to express themselves, do things that will characterize it as independent, thinking person.

curious that, as a rule, many confuse the two different concepts of "individuality" and "personality".The processes of formation essentially differ radically.Socialization of the individual in society, which is in the development of their social nature, leads to the formation of personality.It is inextricably linked with generally accepted social norms and the established rules of conduct that are accepted in society.

manifestation of personality is the isolation of the individual, it is highlighted in the society.You can talk about individuality, if he was able to prove himself.

understand the difference between these two concepts can be easily using epithets, which are generously awarded them a rich Russian.So, speaking of identity, you can often hear the "creative", "unique", "bright".Thus, usually emphasize the level of development and autonomy of the person.The definition of "person" complementary epithets "energetic", "strong", "independent".In fact, all this allows us to understand and define the spiritual essence of man.

understand the concepts we can safely say that first of all personality - a personality, and that's what - it depends on the development of the spiritual world and the individual.