The concept of identity in psychology

man - being arranged very difficult.We do so, and not otherwise, not because of instincts.Our motives are not always clear.To predict the behavior of a person, you must know his character, temperament, and, of course, the features of his personality.What is it?The definition of personality in psychology, there is not one.This question is complicated, and therefore, there are enough opinions.The concept of personality in social psychology - that's what worked and worked many eminent psychologists.It is the social side of man, it is - exactly what makes it a part of society.

concept of identity in psychology

As already mentioned, the scientists provide a variety of answers to the questions related to the person.Often one can observe strong differences of opinion.However, note that all the theory in use today are scientifically justified.

concept of personality in psychology is largely based on the fact that man is not nothing but a collection of various types of acquisition, and purely social quali

ties.This places greater emphasis on what not to personal qualities are those that are directly connected with physiology, and are not associated with living in the community.

Sometimes the concept of identity in psychology contains a reference to the fact that the psychological quality of people also do not relate to the personal qualities.It's about mental-related cognitive processes, individual style.

concept of personality in psychology is based on the stable qualities that are formed only in the society.That is, in the process of interaction and communication with other people.Personal qualities of the person doing it individual, unique and original.

Based on the above it can be concluded that a person - a person covered by the system of mental characteristics that are caused by social, and can manifest itself only in public relations and communications.These characteristics must be sustainable.

concept of personality in psychology is closely related to such concepts as "individuality", "individual", but once say that to identify them in any case impossible - the differences are.

If we consider the human being as a set of absolutely all the available qualities (and social and natural), it will be the individual.We can say that the individual - it is individual human individual.

Individuality - concept sufficiently narrow.It refers to the combination of the unique characteristics of a person that make it not look like other people.

Of what is the identity of the person?Of course, it has its own structure.Most often, psychologists include in her character, emotion, volitional qualities, temperament, attitudes, motivation, ability.The last - this is nothing as stable individual characteristics of human personality.Often they determine our success in trying to realize themselves in various activities.

Temperament (mostly) determines the speed of our response to those or other phenomena of the world.The nature depends largely on exactly how we act in certain situations.It often underlies the selection decision and so forth.Volitional qualities determine how a person moves to set goals, how it is configured to certain achievements.Motivation and emotions associated with the stimulus to activity, and social setting - that's how people perceive life itself and others.

Finally, we note that personality is only in humans.No other living organisms do not possess it.Also note that there is a person a child who grew up outside of society (children Mowgli).