Mobius loop on the package: what is it?

Do you know what information can be obtained about the product, based only on its packaging?Even if it is all written using hieroglyphs.It's okay if you do not know the values ​​of any of them.Anyway, you'll understand the drawings, pictograms.They're drawn to and that the information could be considered and understood in all corners of the globe.

So, if you see in the glass box, it means that the inside is a fragile commodity, and if the icon is raging flames, the flammable contents of the box.

What mean here are the signs?

This icon painted famous Moebius strip or loop.It is a mathematical paradox, because it is a one-sided surface.Yes, yes - it has only one side.You can see for yourself, if you take it in hand.Make a loop Mobius is simple - take a strip of paper about 30 cm long and 1.5 cm wide.

Turn one end 180 degrees and glue to the other.In order to make sure that she is really one side, place the tape midway pencil and lead the line without lifting it from the paper.After a while you w

ill be rested in the beginning of your line.The paper you do not roll over, not a pencil from her torn, and joined the line, therefore, is really Mobius loop has only one side, and your eyes you just cheated.In general, it is very interesting to explore.Try to cut it on the pencil line - will turn interconnected rings.

But this excursion into the jungle of mathematical paradoxes did not explain what makes the package Mobius loop.Sign this means that the package itself is made of a material that can be recycled.If the icons are in a number from 1 to 7, they indicate the name of the material of construction of the packing.In order of increasing numbers they represent: polietilenterftalat, high density polyethylene, PVC, polypropylene, polystyrene or other plastic.Sometimes, instead of the letters can be used uppercase letters that indicate the same.

may also happen that instead of just letters or numbers of 1 to 7 within the loop, or it will be indicated by some percentage.In this case, the Mobius loop is about how much is already in the package contains recycled materials.Why choose this picture?This is easily explained.Arrows indicate that the cycle of manufacturing and processing proceeds to itself, that is, it is closed.

fact notation of this sign is not regulated by any regulatory requirements and aims solely at the request of the manufacturer.But in light of the fact that the struggle for the environment is now at an accelerated pace, almost all used in industrial packaging materials are recycled.So do not be surprised if you meet Moebius loop on the packaging company "Tetra-Pak" or plastic bottles.They really have learned process, despite the fact that earlier they were considered unfit to reuse.