How to flash the "Android" through a computer?

most used operating system for mobile phones - it's Android.Well-known manufacturers of smartphones and tablets is set on its products this particular OS.Its advantages - it's easy to use, accessible interface, high-speed performance.With the help of tablets and smartphones equipped with paid and free software application from Play Market.

Although this platform and has many advantages, from the Android device owners feel the need flashing tablet or smartphone.

Not to be confused and re-flash update.

How and why reflash tablets and smartphones?

Sometimes programs require ROOT-access by users.With the standard firmware can not be an administrator.For example, a possible serious overclocking on the device, provided ROOT-owning rights.

Flashing save the unit from the "garbage", which could be left to the manufacturer.Instead, the smartphone or tablet to set realistic, necessary and desired program.Flashing will provide faster and more stable operation of the device, which is also happy.

Since the manufacture of the device at the factory until the moment of contact with the user's hand may take a couple of months.During this time, the firmware program could seriously change and provide more advanced features of the device.This article describes the possibility of self firmware Samsung Galaxy phone on Android.There are several methods to flash the "Android" through the computer.

Why need official firmware

Do not forget that she should be the official firmware.Amateur options eliminate the shortcomings of OS, but can bring a lot of other "bugs".Necessarily require detailed information on the firmware "Android" before its implementation.

Today there are many methods for flashing the smartphone and tablet based on Android.Below we describe the most clear and common options.

How to flash the "Android" from the PC and Odin?

first method

This is done directly from your phone through the Android.For example, the smartphone version 4.0 installed.If this version to open the "Settings - About phone - Update", the firmware is automatically configured for this phone.To do this, you want to set a check on "Auto Update".It is also recommended the activation point "only Wi-FI».In this case, the availability of a new version is performed only if the wireless phone network.In another mobile traffic will be spent, which will cause considerable costs.The scan starts manually after clicking on the "Update" button.

reflash "Android" via a computer can only be subject to 100% battery power.But this method of firmware update Samsung Galaxy is not very easy to use and can be stopped in the middle of the process.It is recommended that this task with the help of a special program that is installed on the computer when connected to it via a USB-cable phone.

Special software

This can be done using the Samsung Kies or popular Odin.In the case of the latter it is possible to use the official firmware and Samsung, and firmware from other developers.They are often more comfortable and provide more opportunities for the phone, but lost the factory warranty.For this reason, the execution of any instructions on how to reflash the phone "Android" unofficially allowed only after the end of the warranty period.

official firmware Samsung Galaxy can consider the example of an update using Samsung Kies.It is designed similarly to Apple's iTunes and can fully synchronize your computer with your smartphone - transfer files, music, contacts.Before starting the firmware update is recommended to create a backup to prevent data loss.

Procedure task

set to start the program.During this on the computer and on the phone, download the drivers for the devices of the firm.After starting the program the phone to a computer connected via USB, and then wait for its discovery.After opening the box with all the phone data select "Firmware Update", if any of this will be informed in the opened window.After clicking the "Update" is required to agree with the rules and confirm the action.Should wait for the action as to flash Android Samsung.It is not necessary at this time to touch smart phone and disable the cable connecting it to your computer.It may be that anti-virus or firewall displays a message, which requires permission to Kies was able to carry out their functions.You should also disable the antivirus on your phone, as it will not allow the system to be updated.Then you need to confirm the update.

Firmware Samsung via Odin

to flash a phone with this application, you install on your PC a special driver, which was completed with the phone or downloaded the driver from the website of the manufacturer of Android-based device.

Then downloadable firmware herself.Find it easy on the forums or
file-sharing sites.The file must be with extension OPS.

Then you can simultaneously press the three buttons on the smartphone.This "negative volume», «power» and «homer».The display unit will show «downloading», which signals flashing.

Connectivity smartphone to a PC

For this smartphone and the computer are connected via USB-adapter.Then the program starts Odin.To download the latest version is recommended, especially if you install new firmware.In the menu to find the inscription «Select Ops», click on «OPS», which is located underneath.Next, the path to the firmware file.

Then it is necessary to click on «Start» and wait until the flashing, it all takes less than five minutes.After the completion of the first window appears «Pass», which indicates the successful re-flash your smartphone.

This "gray" way how to flash Android smartphone.To start the phone in boot mode «Downloading».To do this at the same time requires pressing the buttons of "inclusion", "home" and "negative volume" (or "volume plus" on some models).If done correctly, the display shows the logo of Android and the inscription about the boot mode.Then downloads and installs software Odin Multidownloader.It can be found through a search engine or on a dedicated website.

This program is for professional use in the service centers.If used correctly, it will not happen with the phone no breakages.It is also required for the firmware files downloaded from the official website or online support.Four of these files.PDA - broaching the main file, PHONE - to work with the network operator, CSC - phone settings and PIT - for data storage.Verify the presence of these programs in the set.Also, versions can be single-file.In this case, they are imported to the place of the main file - PDA.

If you work on a computer running Windows 7 and above, then this would be enough.If you installed Windows XP, the additional installed Kies program to install drivers for OS Android smartphone or own individual drivers - Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones.At the same site chosen for a particular driver the correct model and version of the operating system of the computer.For example, you need the appropriate drivers from Microsoft, if the statement is executed as a flash the "Android" on Windows.

now required stop all software processes Kies, if before they install and run.To do this, you must press the keys Control + Alt + Del and find the process where there is the title "Kies".Further, these processes need to be completed.After that, you want to make a program run Odin.At this time, the smartphone is in the boot mode.Further, it is connected via USB-cable and press the "Add Volume" (for the phone model Samsung Galaxy S2).Now begins a software update.

Program Odin appear yellow first section of the ID: COM.Total number of these sections to work with multiple phones simultaneously.We establish a tick in the program F.Reset Time, Autoreboot, Re-Partition.Now press Start.It is necessary to wait until the schedule comes through.Then, the green color and appears the inscription "Pass".After that, the phone will restart and begin the work of the new version.

order to further verify the version, use the command * # 1234 #.For a complete cleansing of all data applicable service code * 2767 * 3855 #.Now the phone firmware is complete.To find the firmware and software for the phones from other manufacturers need to go to their website and go through the sub-categories to select the desired model.For example, those who are looking for how to flash the "Android" Lenovo, you will need Open Source Code.

above method is to flash your phone "Android" is a fairly simple and easy, and does not even require the user to any great knowledge.However, it is not the only solution to this issue.

second method

Another way of how to flash the "Android" through the computer, is to use TAR-archive or trehfaylovoy firmware.

The method described below is suitable for smartphones and "tablets".If you are not sure how to reflash the Android-tablet, you can use this method.Trehfaylovye firmware reprogramming are not common.Because of this, not all applications work with them.Well it makes the program Mobile Odin Pro.She paid, but does many things that can not be competitors.The advantage of this program is its simplicity, but it requires the ROOT-law.

Change firmware Android using this method

Download files to flash to system memory or to a memory card device.The file extension should be: .tar, or .md5.tar.

  1. Install and run applications Mobile Odin Pro.
  2. Selecting the main menu, Open file.
  3. search folder or file with the firmware, where it was loaded.
  4. Checking firmware.After graduation press Flash firmfire.

That's all.Firmware "Android" -Device will not be difficult.Now you know how to flash the "Android" through the computer by yourself.

Helpful hints

Before flashing the "Android", make sure that your device is missing critical files.If such were, they should throw the PC.When flashing the information is permanently deleted.

This information is generalized type and is designed for a common understanding of the process of flashing.Each device has its own characteristics.Furthermore, the network can find methods and means that it is better not to perform in practice becausetoo great a risk to damage the device and cause errors in its work.So, now often possible to see step by step guidance on how to flash the "Android" with "iPhone", but it is better not to follow them.