Sharks-eating: Causes attacks and geography habitat.

Every year in the world are known new cases of shark attacks on humans.Passionless Statistics notes that most of these clashes threaten human shock and bite marks that will long remind of the terrible meeting.But if the attacking enemies - is a large shark, such a fight could turn out to be the last in the life of the unfortunate man encroached on her hunting grounds.

Today we'll talk about why sharks attack humans, which is home to a particularly dangerous types of fish and how to avoid the fatal collision with a strong and crafty inhabitants of the deep.

it ever encounter with a shark - the risk of being eaten?

estimated that the risk of being attacked by marine predators in humans is very small - one to 11.5 million. Perish the chance of such an attack is even smaller - one in 264.5 million (by the way, every year in the United States is sinking about 3000 people, and bysharks killed one).By the way, note the remarkable fact is that every year 100 million people are killing these amazing creature


There are more than 360 species of sharks.But, contrary to established notions, only a few of them are really dangerous to humans.This white tiger, whitetip and gray bull shark.They were seen in unprovoked attacks on people causing death.

Today you can see, it looks like a man-eating shark, looking at the photos posted in this article.

Meet the man-eater

With representatives of the shark world, says cannibals, is to become better acquainted.The main of them is the great white shark.It is incredible and absolutely voracious omnivore.In the stomach, the representatives of this species caught and found turtles, and lobsters, and pieces of the ship's gear, and boxes, not to mention the remains of humans and animals.Although, of course, prefer the white shark gives calorie meat of seals or sea lions.

Photo man-eating sharks posted here will surely convince the reader how powerful and mighty, this amazing fish.On average, it grows to 5-5.5 m in length.It is the largest predatory fish on Earth.In addition, it is very curious and demonstrates intelligence and sociability, if there is a need.Among the researchers believe that these unfamiliar objects shark bite often from cognitive purposes - to determine whether they are edible.

Incidentally, this terrible predator is on the verge of extinction.In the world today there are about 3,500 individuals of this species.

Features digestion sharks

About the voracity of sharks are legendary.They are able to digest the womb, even the nuts and bolts!Such a phenomenon is explained by the amount of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice sharks.And if omnivorous predator comes something completely inedible, it makes cleaning: turns the stomach and burps eaten.

Interestingly, sharks stomach - is not only a processing plant, and storage of food supplies in the "black" day.Predator digest eaten in a special spiral valve representing an outgrowth of the mucous membrane of the digestive tract.

If the shark fed, then swallowed pieces of it can leave the stomach until the time until he feels hungry.Then the piece is sent to the intestine where it enters the spiral valve and digested.

Do man-eating sharks in the Black Sea?

course, travelers who are used to spend holidays on the Black Sea, I wonder whether it is possible there to meet man-eating sharks?In answering this question, it should be noted immediately that it settle in large sharks prevents low salinity.It is possible that tireless pilgrim and swim back through the straits of the waters of the Mediterranean, but on the Bosphorus and the Turkish coast, they did not swim - the water is not that.

another compelling reason for the lack of interest in the Black Sea waters have described the shark is too sparse in their understanding of food supply.This sea is very thin layer of water suitable for life, and its few inhabitants can not satisfy the large eternally hungry predators.And the temperature in the winter and did not give a chance thermophilic fish feel comfortable.

Although, of course, sharks live in the Black Sea, though not terrible cannibals, feared throughout the world, but much less dangerous: shark, spiny dogfish, and cat sharks.The first of these is sometimes bites a man, but this is only for the purpose of protection.

most dangerous places on the planet

The first place in the number of sharks attacking people, perhaps, take the coastal waters of Australia, North America and Africa.Here toothy predator make regular attempts to try human flesh.However, one can not say that they are particularly frequent.As the statistics, it is no more than three people per year (note that lightning kills more people).

The fact that the main habitat of these creatures - the water where the depth is not less than 300 m. The shallow waters are visited by a shark is very rare and, as a rule, quite by accident.

Maybe people provoke an attack?

lot of noise at one time done man-eating sharks off the coast of the Sinai Peninsula.The cozy resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh on the Red Sea proved to be unsafe for tourists who love scuba diving and boating.However, in this case it turned out to be guilty themselves vacationers.They lightly lure predators, tossing them to the sides of the tourist boats and yachts, and the food quite forgetting that the shark is like floating on became such a "grain" of the territory - a piece of fish or a man.

Equally dangerous are the water and the Atlantic Ocean, washing the coast of Brazil.Here, on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, there are many slaughterhouses, the blood of which is a long time lowered directly into the ocean.You understand that such a "cocktail" could not have been brought to the shores of a huge number of sharks that oshalev, they attacked people.Only after the city authorities have taken the appropriate measures, man-eating sharks here reduced their appetite.

how to hunt sharks

Sharks almost no enemies, they head the food pyramid.For his endless search for food ever hungry predator perfectly adapted.More recently, it has been found, how they hunt.

Initially, the victim found through changes in pressure or vibrations that occur during its movement in the water.Shark is able to grasp with the help of nerve endings, these fluctuations at a distance of 180 m. As soon as the said appeal to dine heard predator floats their sense of smell.And it is she truly incredible!The shark can smell blood 10 grams dissolved in millions of liters of water.This "lighthouse" pulls her as the most powerful drug.And at a distance of 15 m the queen of the seas, and already able to see their prey.

shark shortsighted and sees more traffic than the outlines of objects.Approaching 3 m predator taken cautiously circling around the victim.Sometimes, having made a couple of rounds, she loses interest and retracts back home, and sometimes strikes the attack.By the way, until now this point in her behavior has not been studied.

sharks are blood

have already mentioned that the blood that gets into the water - a surefire way to attract the sharks.Sensing her, the insatiable maw lose their heads, and nothing can stop them .

so-called man-eater, and not suspected in this their relatives, stupor from the blood rush to anything that moves.Their bodies are powerful blows on the water make it a bloody foam, and if someone from colleagues will accidentally bitten or injured in this dump, it will immediately be torn to shreds.

Avoiding shark attack killer

shark behavior is unpredictable.It can swim long indifference nearby, and then suddenly attack a swimmer.Such an attack can be and research (after the shark in any other way can not satisfy your curiosity for the unknown object), and the desire to dine.For today are no way to completely protect themselves from attack by predators in the water, but some precautions can still be taken.

  • Try not to be in the water at dawn, at dusk or at night.At this time, the shark is particularly actively look for a tasty dish to the table.
  • Avoid places where they can be found more likely.The steep angle of the seabed and the dark water should alert you!
  • If you hurt yourself, and the wound is bleeding, try to immediately get out of the water.After all, everyone knows a phenomenal subtle scent blood, which have a man-eating sharks.
  • clearly follow all the rescuers.

And most importantly - do not lose your common sense!Even those sharks that are considered safe, - are wild animals, so no one can predict how they will behave.Be careful and sensible!