Information occasion - a tool of successful elections

Information occasion is an event, which has the ability to interest the reader (viewer or listener) or the importance of their extravagance.Also, this concept during the oral communication can be the subject of discussion of a particular event.

Information occasion created within the political technology for inclusion in the social environment of the information that may influence public opinion on specific problems posed.

Before "reach out" to the listener or reader, an event that can be recognized as a cause of information, shall, first of all, interested in the media.That is why the episode may be related to the two-step model of communication.

There are three main factors that allow to allocate such an event among others:

- the more personalized the event, the greater the likelihood of his peers among others to be used as news;

- elite or top officials of the company are always a subject of discussion in the news;

- a large number of negatives contained in the event, also increases the pos

sibility of its transformation into the news.

Information occasion is created using certain specific tools.One example of the creation of such events are any elections.However, it is necessary to consider their scope.With the establishment of small scale occasion becomes much more complicated.Media representatives are well aware that this period - the time to make money.In addition, a particular media outlet may be controlled by an opponent.Quite another matter if newsworthy - is some kind of an exhibition organized by a candidate.To ignore such an event is impossible - you can criticize or respond to it as neutral, but it was impossible not to notice.

As already mentioned above, two-stage model of communication is determined by the information occasion.This first generic term opened American P. Lazarsfeld, dedicated to the study of media exposure on the readers, listeners or viewers in the 40-ies of XX century.

based theories have been proposed on the results of the poll, which showed that after the transfer of certain messages population is actively spoke of him two weeks after its broadcasting than immediately after notification.In the course of further investigation it became clear the reason for the situation.The fact that people after receiving proceeded to discuss it with the so-called "opinion leaders", iepeople who have a certain prestige in their circles.This increase can be traced not only to the coverage, but also the degree of influence exerted by the message to the audience.

It is thus a two-stage model of communication and left the single-stage.Single-stage model is characterized by only the transmission of information, and two-stage - the transfer of influences.

following studies carried out in Germany have shown the important role of opinion leaders in the active use of the media.Often they are active community leaders.Support from the media on such people contributes to the further development of existing communication and social networks, and it is much more effective and cheaper than creating new channels of communication.

particularly important role for the two-step model of communication when the consumer and the buyer are not the same person.To increase the effectiveness of advertising should be created information events that may affect the decision to purchase, rather than of the purchaser.