How to choose a gel cleanser suitable for your skin type

Cleaning - the main stage of skin care.Many are used for this purpose, water and gel for washing.Today in the retail chain has a huge selection of all kinds of vehicles.Often choose the most suitable among them is very difficult.Let's try to sort out this issue in more detail.Let's start with the very basics.

As is known, any detergent contains a so-called surfactants, which provide foaming.They can be divided into four types depending on the substances contained in them.

first type is indicated on the label as a Decyl-Glucoside.This gel cleanser is not too good foam, so is not suitable for oily skin type with high sebaceous excretions.

second type of surfactant - a cationic substance, referred to as Polyquaternium.This gel cleanser is not recommended for use on sensitive skin because the skin bipolar charges and surfactants may well cause irritation.

next type of surfactant has a positive charge.The labels designated as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.It perfectly removes skin allocation and other contami

nants, but dry skin.Funds marked Magnesium Laureth Sulfate - the exact opposite of the previous one.They are well suited normal and sensitive skin.

fourth and last type of surfactant is marked on the label as a Betaine (Cocoyl, Sarcosine).This gel gently cleanses, leaving a feeling of freshness.It fits any type of skin.

foam, gel or mousse.What to choose?

Sometimes the name means to cleanse the skin leads to confusion.Go and do not understand what the difference between gel and mousse or milk and foam.And you must know that, at least in order not to spend money on unnecessary us the means.
As you know, caring cosmetics is chosen based on the type of skin.Gel for washing in this case is not an exception.

Oily skin is prone to acne, especially in need of a thorough cleansing.Therefore, the consistency of the gel for such a case fits perfectly.It contains the maximum concentration of surfactants and wetting agents at least.Typically, the gel cleanser for oily skin contains salicylic acid, which has a light peeling effect, or benzene peroxide which dries and reduces the secretion of the sebaceous glands.In addition, its composition includes various inflammatory ingredients such as bisabolol and calendula extract.Today, however, the science of chemistry is developing quite rapidly, and the labels of cosmetic products it is possible to meet new and strange names.Therefore, we do not have to navigate to the composition, and the name and the manufacturer promises.Most often, this means the label next to the name is the inscription: "gel for deep cleansing facial" or "pure control".

Available gel cleanser for acne almost all cosmetic companies, starting with the democratic Garnier and Evelin and ending rather not cheap means of Vichy.

age the skin often dry and prone to irritation.Therefore, the perfect choice for her to be foam or mousse with a minimum content of surfactants and maximum moisturizing ingredients.Also, soft formula of these funds are well suited dry, dehydrated skin.

When sensitive, easily irritated skin give preference to non-aggressive ingredients of plant origin.These include chamomile, rose, cornflower, witch hazel.The consistency you more suitable foam or mousse.However, there is a sensitive and oily skin.In this case, the purification gel used with plant components.Pay attention to the products of the company Yves Rocher.In its assortment there is a gel cleanser that removes inflammation and dries.Series Pure System, to which the agent "Kamomill" designed just for sensitive skin.