What advantages has a cream powder

offers modern girls offered a variety of products that help to look dazzling.Cosmetics as sanitary and decorative, can come to the rescue of almost any of life's situations.After all, not everybody gets the nature of the smooth, matte leather or long eyelashes.A handsome, smooth skin tone - important when creating the image not only for the solemn occasion, but on every day.With him any makeup looks elegant and eyeliner, mascara and lipstick rastekutsya and will effectively emphasize the eyes and lips.

Perhaps that is why the most popular means is a powder.It will be able to align the tone of the face, mask minor flaws, giving skin dullness.A cream powder can even replace the foundation for everyday makeup.This method of use has gained popularity recently.What is it good for?

Cream powder - a combination of foundation and powder.This difference is noticeable even to the naked eye.The consistency is much denser than usual.Volatile silicones evaporate agent composition when applied to skin, and it is

converted into powder.However, if applied wet sponzhikom that came in the kit, the density of it is closer to the foundation.

This - the main quality of which has any cream powder.Reviews of many women only confirm this.Tone cream does not always look natural.Sometimes, achieving perfect tone person we overdoing, and it starts to look like a mask.Also, much depends on the individual skin type.Using a cream-powder eliminates this effect.

Owners combined and problem, as well as oily skin is more suitable compact cream powder.It has a matte effect and does not contain fats and oils.It is produced in large enough boxes in which there is a special section for sponzhikom.It will be necessary if you want a good disguise skin imperfections - causing cream powder with a damp sponge, you will achieve the effect of foundation.It will be almost impossible to make a normal pad (but if it is used only as a means of powder, you can use any).Compact cream powder, replacing the foundation, does not clog pores and thus allows the skin to breathe.It protects the face from the external environment, but breathable, does not cause the appearance of pimples.

liquid cream powder contains oils, moisturizing ingredients.It is more suitable for owners of dry and normal skin, prevents dehydration.This powder falls even layer, and dries to give a matting effect.

How to apply?

  • Pre facial skin is cleaned by suitable means - gel, jelly, foam.
  • Then apply a light day cream, appropriate type of skin.
  • He must fully absorb the cream powder fell evenly.
  • If you put her wet sponzhikom, do it pat.Do not try to spread as the foundation.In any case, the movement should be light, as it were smooth.
  • Do not apply a means of wet sponge on the neck and décolleté.
  • Blend cream powder from hairline - it is dense enough, and without this it will be too noticeable.
  • sure to rinse cream powder overnight with any facial cleanser.

now in the range of almost all firms have a cream powder."Max Factor", "L'Oreal", "Artdeko" "Maybelline", "Rimmel", "Christian Dior" and others are on the market is a tool.You can select a series, it is suitable for your skin type and tone.For example, cream powder "Max Factor" has a pleasant texture, well masks minor flaws, exactly goes and creates the effect of matte skin.