What scratched left eye or what are superstition.

Our people have long believed in a variety of signs.Superstition is a kind of calling card of the Slavs.Endless "what's left eye itches," "why cheeks burn", "what it means when the nose itching," and so on.But not many people know what is the signs.Have you ever thought about this question?Maybe it's just a manifestation of the people's ingenuity or the result of observation of people in them is expressed the experience of the whole of humanity, or the ability to read the signals of higher powers.But not for nothing that people for many centuries ask: "And what is scratched left eye, hand or ear?".So there is in this make any sense, since millions of people around the world believe in this centuries-old wisdom.

Signs may relate to the events of the body, dreams, travel, holidays, weather, jobs, pets, weddings, pregnancy and more.There is, for example, a huge list of superstitions, which can be designated as "what is scratched left eye, eyebrow, nose, ears, hands and other body parts, including the rig

ht-wing."So people have long believed that the neck is itching to feast or battered ears - News, elbow - to burn, soles of the feet - to travel, lips - a passionate kiss, and an eyebrow - to tears or appointment.If you are interested, what is scratched right eye, according to different versions means a date or a loved one, or tears.Actually, chereshatsya eyes always to tears, even the skeptics who do not believe in any signs, point out that this is true.

There are plenty of superstitions related to the human body.If a person falls eyelashes, which means an early gift, and someone thinks that he has to do and need to put it in his bosom.Ears usually burn when you're being discussed.A tinnitus heralds bad weather.Man with frequent teeth very amorous, and rare - a liar.A tooth-gnashing portends trouble.Bite your tongue then soon with someone quarrel.

There is a huge amount to take on dreams.Our people do very much believe that dreams always foretell anything, but of prophetic dreams in general is legendary.Everyone knows that to neutralize a bad dream, you need the window to say, "Where the night there and sleep."And it must be done three times before noon.It is bad when a dream is connected with the dead, and if he is calling to you - it is not good.Poor sleep can forget, used for benevolent.If you are in a dream much crying, you have fun and laugh.

If you are going on a journey, perhaps some old wives' signs will be useful.They advise to be sure to take with you any thing out of the house.Unpleasant people went to a party and you jinxed?Take three pinches of salt and throw them out the door of your apartment or hotel room, without crossing the threshold.

A wedding signs - is generally a whole pseudoscience.Brides all over the world are concerned about is not the upcoming celebration and observance of superstitions.It is believed that to try to give his wedding ring to another person, and you can give your destiny.Bad weather on the day of the wedding mood darkens many newlyweds.But the signs say that snow or rain always comes to a happy life.It is also believed that the bridesmaids dress can not be rented, but his sister or mother can be, but on the condition that their fate was good.A sign that it is impossible to show the groom wedding dress before the wedding is associated with people's faith in a life full of strife and turmoil after that.If the bride is expecting a baby, it is necessary to protect against the evil eye - just under the dress on her stomach tie up a broad scarlet ribbon.After the wedding, you can not sell or give someone a veil.

course, do not blindly believe in all these superstitions.What scratched left eye, the hair falls out or drops a wedding ring on the wedding are usually not interested in those people who are confident and free from prejudices.