Amulets against the evil eye and spoilage - small charms fleeing big trouble

alternations of successes and troubles in life - has long been a well-known fact.So, there are very good times, and it happens that all the troubles and misfortunes are literally dumped at once.Superstitious people explain these phenomena influence of supernatural forces, invisible to the average person.And it is worth noting, in some cases these justifications there is a fair amount of common sense and fairness.However, most often to blame for their troubles is the man himself.

What to do, such is human nature - look for the causes of troubles in someone or something, but not in himself.For example, people who are constantly setuyuschie poverty and blaming the bad luck, sometimes are conventional lazy.Man, arrogated to himself the crown of celibacy, in reality, are so unbearable that no one man to get along with them just can not.Therefore, the cause of the trouble is necessary, first and foremost, look within itself.It should look at your life from the outside, give yourself an objective assessment

and try anything radically change.

happens that people unwittingly attracts trouble and illness.This is due to accidentally escaped phrases or pessimistic thoughts.But the thoughts and words of material.Negative, a magnet for trouble, and the positive - good luck.

the words of others and a sense of envy may also damage the invisible shell of a man - the aura.As a consequence, all sorts of evil beings can easily cause damage and affect the destiny.This phenomenon is called the evil eye.Often whammy occurs even inadvertently, so it is not as strong as, for example, damage and ancestral curse, deliberately induced black magician.Yet the evil eye is very negative impact on the physical and mental health.

To avoid becoming a victim of an evil tongue, it should be on the safe side, it is always better to prevent disease than to treat it.And this may help in protecting them from the evil eye and spoilage.

most faithful and effective amulets against the evil eye and spoilage are crucifix, incense, small icons and other attributes of faith.It is important that these things have been dealt with in the church.Besides them, there are spiritual, invisible charms against the evil eye and spoilage, that is prayer.There are many prayers to protect from evil forces.It is advisable to know at least a few of them and do not forget to re-read daily.

But even if you do not know the specific plots, you can protect yourself by thinking your own.To do this, relax and imagine yourself in a secure, enclosed on all sides of the room.Imagine that the outer walls of this room are covered with mirrors, which reflect all the troubles and misfortunes.Or, for example, to present a solid shield around themselves, which does not allow the enemy arrows hurt you.

Washing holy water also allows you to wash away all sorrows and illnesses.Dial this water can be alone on the night of the Epiphany (December 19).It is recommended to pour the holy water in a small vial and carry it always with you for protection against damage.

very strong action the charms of the damage and the evil eye, hereditary.It can be any jewelery or amulets against the evil eye and spoilage carved with runes.Such things can protect the whole family.

Equally effective are considered amulets against the evil eye and spoilage, made his own.The most common materials for them are wood, stone and natural fabrics.For example, on Holy Thursday, or on the Annunciation women since ancient times salt baked in an oven, which is then hidden in a secluded place.We use it to prepare food for sick children, and poured into a small pouch and sewed to clothes on the reverse side.

talisman against the evil eye and spoilage can be purchased at any souvenir shop.However, things may be in vain.If you do decide to buy an amulet, it is recommended to give preference to the stones that match your zodiac sign.