How to write a statement to the police

How to write a statement to the police and whether to do it?Here, perhaps, the two main questions that arise when confronted with the unlawful actions of citizens in various spheres of human activity: from regular beatings by drunken husband, to extort bribes by corrupt officials.

Law enforcement agencies are required to respond to each statement to the police, coming to them from both ordinary citizens and legal entities.These signals are recorded, and then appropriately police respond to them.

It's all in theory but in practice, not all so rosy.It is worth remembering to bring justice and to punish the offender, you must correctly apply to the police.Here, as in everything, there are nuances, and we're trying to understand them.

So how to apply to the police?There are a few rules when writing such statements:

  • The application itself must begin with a "cap".On the right upper corner of the specified official, with his title or rank, and the authority to which you address the statement.Next, s
    pecify the full information about the applicant.This name and address of residence and address, and contact numbers.
  • departing from the "cap" a few centimeters, the middle line is written "statement".The police receive many applications from the phrase "possible" or "probable".This shows lack of confidence in the applicant's past event.Therefore, the text should be no assumptions, clear and concise.All copies of the documents available or the evidence of the crime supported by the statement, and a list of them and the number of sheets indicated in the text.
  • After presenting all available data and fact, is to specify a request for consideration of your application in accordance with applicable law.Also indicate what to you in writing informed about the investigation and received the results.
  • In the last lines you must specify that you are familiar with the text of the article "misleading information."Then viziruete signed document, specify a number of his name and initials, and below is written the date of writing this statement.
  • Needless statement applies to any police station and given the duty to register.Optionally, to apply to the police station in the district where the crime was committed, in accordance with the instructions it can take in any department, and then later by internal mail, it will be forwarded to the correct site.

worth mentioning that statement to the police about the threat to life may be submitted in writing and orally.At the same time with your words of acceptance of the protocol is filled oral statement.

If you make a statement at the police station, the police often dictate to you what should be indicated.Be careful not to write out something with which you strongly disagree.

desirable, the very statement printed on the computer, because the printed tekt accurately reflect your thoughts and save you from the wrong interpretation of this or that "flourishes" of the written text.