How to get an inheritance by will

It may happen that one day you will receive an invitation to the notary.The purpose of your visit will be the announcement of the will.Before you begin to communicate with lawyers, it is desirable to know what a legacy under a will and how it can be obtained.

testament, drawn up formally, is one-sided.If your name listed in the will, by law, you can have not only rights but also duties.These charges are often documents the testator.In this case, you will not be able to inherit under the will, has not yet agreed to fulfill the last will of man.

In exchange for the property the testator may oblige the heir of the housing to provide a relative or friend for an indefinite period, on a monthly basis to pay a person a certain amount or provide services.Keep in mind that older people are often inadequate, and in the will may require the heirs execution of unusual and sometimes unpleasant duties.So think carefully before you enter into an inheritance by will.

If you are not prepared to fulfill the respons

ibilities entrusted to you the testator should draw bequest.In this case, the recipient will be appointed failure, which will pass your rights and responsibilities on the inheritance.

entering into the inheritance by will, you should know that, regardless of the content of this document, the right to part of the housing have heirs who have not attained the age of eighteen.Also, by law you are required to share the inheritance with the deceased spouse or parents, if they are disabled.Part of the inheritance, the provisions of the listed categories of persons referred to the mandatory shares.The transfer of a compulsory share can be challenged in court.In such a case we need documentary evidence that the person who is entitled to a share called mandatory, during the life of the testator did not live in his apartment or house.

Real inheritance under a will can be yours, if it proves that long-term residents in a given area.The court will take note of the fact that a house or a villa of the late used you for their livelihood.

Your entry into the inheritance by will start from the day of opening the inheritance.The opening day of the inheritance - the date of death of the testator.

Join inheritance rights preferably within six months from the date of opening of the inheritance.

If you are the next of kin of the deceased and in your hand there is a certificate of death, regardless of whether you are included in a will or not, you should as soon as possible to appeal to the notary public.It is desirable that this specialist has worked at the place of residence of your deceased relative.This notary can be stored one copy of the will.If the will was made out to another organization, the notary will make the necessary inquiries.

Once you claim the right to inherit, will be formalized the opening of the inheritance and the notary will invite the heirs to the procedure announcement of the will.

notary may not know who the heirs, if the will is closed.Such a document is opened only when the two witnesses.On the disclosure may be present and relatives, if they wish.

Announcement Closed wills must occur within fifteen days from the date of the notary certificate of death of the testator.

If you want to enter into an inheritance by will try during the life of a man is not to quarrel with him and to provide him with adequate care.