How to prepare pickled cucumbers as the store: recipes and tips

Each family has its own time-tested methods of conservation of domestic vegetables.But sometimes you want to put into practice, and others, new recipes.For example, how close the home pickled cucumbers as the store?Consider a few of these useful recipes.This article also provides tips and recommendations for the preparation of this amazingly tasty and appetizing snacks.

What is unusual fresh crunch and flavor?

Domestic billet is always good, but sometimes you want to present them in a "store" taste.What is so special about the purchase snack?After all, like the cucumber in the form of ordinary, but more fun to crunch, and flavor of the banks it is elusive to some, specific and appetizing.Surely prepared in some other way such pickled cucumbers in the winter.Crispy they obtained or under certain technological rules, or by using special ingredients.It reveals some of the secrets that can be successfully applied in practice, home canning vegetables.

Proper preparation for preservation of cucumber
s - the key to obtaining a successful outcome

course, a set of ingredients according to the recipe and the observance of all process steps are very important.But the quality of raw materials, too much depends.So if you want to make your pickles, pickled for winter, crisp, get higher quality, observe the following rules:

- Take only fresh vegetables, which were collected in the previous 1-2 days (in this case only in the morning or evening, coolhours, not during the hottest noon).

- Sort the cucumbers in size and shape, preferably fruit pickle no more than 10-12 cm in length and 3 cm in diameter.

- Fill the cucumbers with cold water before working at least 30-50 minutes.They have to be fed with more moisture.

- Because of specific spices, which give a special crunch cucumber, use dry mustard, horseradish root and leaves, the leaves of stone fruit trees.

As close to home pickled cucumbers as the store?The method of cold fill

  1. in a clean jar on the bottom, place the garlic (3 medium cloves), 2-3 leaf of black currant, cherry, inflorescence dill (can be dried), 1 hot pepper (an incision in the tip "whisk"), 1 large sheethorseradish (hard to cut middle-streaked).
  2. cucumber (before soaking in water), cut the tips of both sides.Then firmly place them in a jar and fill it carefully, in small portions, boiling water.
  3. While cucumbers are heated, prepare the marinade 1 cup of cold spring water, 3 tbsp.l.salt, 1 tbsp.l.dry mustard and 1 ch. l.sugar.Stir the dry ingredients until dissolved.
  4. After insisting for half an hour, drain the water from the banks.
  5. Then proceed very cautiously, because again there is a sharp temperature changes, which can lead to a split window.On cucumbers pour 2 tbsp.l.9% vinegar and the prepared solution.With a shortage of clean water, fill the jar.
  6. Close the plastic cover and knock out the cold.
  7. Periodically, after 3 hours during the day, shake the jar.
  8. After 4-5 days of pickled cucumbers as the store ready.Shelf life of such starters (and cool in the refrigerator) - no more than 10 days.

«hot" version of the conservation.Pickling cucumbers without sterilization

This recipe differs from the previous method of heat treatment.In addition, you can store all winter are pickled cucumbers."How in the store!" - It is also about them!But the flavor is somewhat different, but the crunch persists.Put in a jar (sterile) and further similar seasonings black pepper (seeds 5-6), 1-2 pcs.cloves and bay leaf.Then - produced cucumbers, and the top cover with boiling water.Wrapped, covered with a lid.After 40-50 minutes.Drain the solution into a saucepan and add the salt and sugar in the following proportions: 1 liter of water - 1 tbsp.l.Sugar and Article 1.5.l.sodium coarse salt.Acidify the top vinegar cucumbers - 100 g jar.Then pour a boiling marinade and immediately roll up the cover.Turn gently upside down, wrap and allow to fully cool down.

method using sterilized jars filled with pickles

also very tasty cucumbers, pickled for winter, are obtained by treatment with double thermal warming.By reducing the time (10 min.) For the pre-Gulf of boiling water should be added to sterilize jars.To do this, the container after filling marinade (2 stage heat treatment), set in a pan, pre-carpeted floor cloth.Then fill the space around the jars with hot water and put on fire sterilized.After boiling, soak 15 minutes.Remove the jars, roll up the cover and cover with a dense material.Cucumbers are obtained crispy and fragrant!

Cucumber Assorted

This common winter snack may be not only single-composition, but vary with other vegetables.So, pickle cucumbers in jars with tomatoes, carrots, peppers and cabbage.Take the recipe for hot fill without sterilization, filling cans "cheerful" cuts.Combine vegetables can be on your own, be sure to respecting the basic rule laying on the bottom levels up:

- spices,

- cucumber, zucchini, carrots,

- pepper, cabbage,

- tomatoes.

most delicious marinated turns blank if the vegetables small, and about the same size.This is usually pepper cut in half, carrots - along into four parts, cabbage - on segments with the base-cobs.

Successful conservation!