Poor family: the basic characteristics and forms of assistance

poor family - a family whose total income calculated per person below the living wage, which is set in this region of the Russian Federation.It is worth noting that there is no rigid definition of a social institution there.At the same time, focusing on the Family Code, as well as various federal and regional legal acts, it can be concluded that the main criterion that determined poor family, it is the value of income rather than the amount held at its members.

should pay particular attention to the fact that low-income family should be that family, that is, those who belong to it, must live together and maintain a common household.At the same time, the absence of state registration is also an insurmountable obstacle, because of which the cohabiting spouse can not receive social support.

Among other things, the status of "poor family" can get only the cell of society, financial difficulties have not been provoked by their way of life.Thus, if able-bodied parents abuse alcohol or drugs, and do not

do anything to find work, the social benefits of this family can be forgotten.

most important feature, which identifies poor family, is the size of its revenue per member.In this income, in accordance with the decision of the Government, included as wages and other sources - all sorts of benefits, rents, dividends from shares, income from the rental of premises.All these amounts are added and divided by the number of family members.If the resulting number is less than that determined the direction of the region, the family will be entitled to the status of the poor.

At present, Russia has a comprehensive assistance to low-income families.It is expressed in a variety of cash payments, both from the federal and regional budgets, and help food, clothing, fuel and medicines.In addition, each poor family can expect to receive special subsidies intended to refund part of the money spent on the payment of utility bills or to pay the rent.A very important type of assistance are tax benefits relating to the payment of personal income tax.

great importance in assisting low-income families playing the position occupied by the leadership of a subject of the Russian Federation.Thus, in a number of subjects are special programs to empower these families housing, retraining parents more popular specialties for free legal advice.

In general, we must admit that the last twenty years development of the country led to the fact that the number of poor families in Russia has risen sharply.Particularly upset that such a status receive unit of society, until recently considered to be quite safe.Leading experts and specialists emphasize that some benefits and payments to solve this problem is impossible.Consideration should be given government policy, which will allow each person to work and earn decent.