Affirmations of love that will change your life

Without love, perhaps our world and would not exist.It is reflected in everything that surrounds us.And no one can make us happy, if not ourselves.

order to attract into your love life, she has always reigned in it, and next appeared, and was a favorite person, you need to understand a very uncomplicated truth - you must love yourself and all around, give warmth to all living creatures that surround us, and regularly reciteaffirmations of love.

At first glance, it seems that it may be easier than to love yourself?But in reality, everything seems different.Many live in my head these pests, which do not give to get love in our lives.Are you familiar with these words ?:

- «I'm no use to anyone (not necessary)»

- «It is not for me»

- «I am not handsome (not pretty)»

- «I'm too fat (fat) »

And so on - these affirmations of love and its involvement in life affect consuming.They scare is a magical feeling.

realize that your life belongs only to you, and that you must love yourself, no matter h

ow you are - you'll see the main law of life.Well, how can you love another person, if you do something you do not love yourself?If you have any appearance defects, then you need to understand that you have created in this nature, you are an individual, and generally with what you have, it's shortcomings?Probably just as well as you think.Remember "the ship call - so it will float", the same thing here, as you will perceive yourself and others will perceive you.

If you are plagued by the thought of extra kilograms, the imperfection of the figures - Get it.Give yourself fifteen minutes a day in the most simple and easy exercises, throw out your diet junk food - greasy, spicy, sweet cut.This does not mean that you should go on a diet, do not torment yourself, just eat more vegetables, fruits and cereals - in any quantity you want.You will be satisfied, but the result will see, when suddenly accidentally discovered that the scales fell significantly.And do not think that they are broke, you just got your results.

But if you still difficult to love yourself, let's get a little training, which will help in this.Regularly aloud to say these affirmations of love and your life will be transformed.

Affirmations attracting love:

1. I - a wonderful manifestation of life, and I love myself.

2. I love myself just the way it is.

3. I raduyu surrounding people, and people are happy to see me.

4. Everything I do - very well.The way I look - just beautiful and brilliant.

5. I - the present perfect in all respects.

6. I love myself and love my life.

7. I am absolutely confident in their own attractiveness and brilliance.

8. I - the real source of love, happiness and joy.

9. I deserve only the very best in life, and the way it is.

10. Love - this is the norm in my life.

11. I am surrounded by love.

12. I love to shoot and love in their lives.

13. I am overwhelmed with the energy of love.

Can themselves to come up with something of their own interesting, but the main thing - that it was a positive setting, and only in the present tense.Then it really will work.

You must know how to attract the love of Feng Shui.Your home says a lot, and it can tell you all about the way of your life.Remember that it must be something clean, beautiful, which would like to come back again and again.

First of all, clear all the debris, to do a thorough cleaning, move all things to the smallest detail and discard or give all that you do not need.And words like "come in handy" or "rainy day" does not have to sound, and a black day in any case, do not expect to be let alone in front of bright days.And remember, the more you give, the more you get.But this does not mean you have to get rid of all - know the measure.

Determine where in your apartment, house or room is south-west.This sector is the area of ​​love and marriage.An element of this area - the land, the color - terra cotta and red.Red general should be plenty.Ideal place here a picture, which shows a couple in love (but in no event more than one person!) And always happy - no sad thoughts and images, as well, the two red candles in beautiful candlesticks.Appropriate in this area are generally all symbols of love, but in pairs only - red pads, hearts, two bowls and so on.

Activate your zone of love, think positively say the affirmations of love and love, then it's a magical feeling not long in coming and is sure to come into your life, and if it is already there, it further strengthened and break out with renewed vigor.