How to effectively develop attention and memory?

Scientific and technological progress, which today is a very fast pace, requires a person to handle not only the possibility of a large flow of information, but also keep in mind the huge number of different information.According to sociological studies that were recently conducted among the population of our country, it was found that over 80% of respondents are dissatisfied with their memory and would like to improve its quality.That is why the human attention and memory should be developed, as these qualities are now out on the priority in the first place.Along the way, it should also be noted that considerate person has a much greater competitive advantages in comparison with the scattered person, which largely determines the success in life.

So, as we know, all amenable to training, so even if a person suffers from absent-mindedness, all can be corrected.How to develop memory and attention, and you need to do?First of all, you should find out why we forget about certain things, and the reason for

this process.The main thing you need to understand that our brain processes the vast amount of information per unit of time, the majority of these processes is done automatically without human intervention, the so-called "unconscious."As for the memory, it is a person works continuously, remembering everything that happens around him.Just here operates one simple rule - if a person is not focused information, the memory it automatically crossed out from the list of important things.So start developing the memory should be with care.Attention and memory of the person very much linked, since man is good to remember only what consciously turned his attention.Knowing this principle, you can gradually begin to appropriate training.

Make it a rule at the end of a day's work, come home, lay down on a sofa, relax, and try to remember everything that happened during your day.You will immediately realize that the memory will clearly give you only what you drew my attention, and all the little details are overlooked.On this is based the principle of memory training - development of mindfulness and concentration.Attention and memory is also well developed through simple exercises matches: pick up some matches and lightly toss them.Once they reach the table, you're in for 10 seconds, carefully fix the way they are arranged, then, having gone into the next room, try other matches exactly repeat the image seen through.

scholars, as well as everyone who is studying any theoretical material will be very useful to know a great way to memorize, in which you can "push" the right information into long-term memory.It is the principle of repetition of information at the right time and with the desired frequency.In addition, there is also carried out training of memory and attention, that the regular use of this method will be continuously improved.

So you are viewing the material that is necessary for you to study and try to understand it fully.Always remember that if there is something you do not understand, remember it's just impossible.That is why the study of a matter, first of all, should be to achieve a full understanding of the studied material.This is followed by a break for 5-6 hours, after which the mandatory need more time to read what you want to remember.This is very important because after 12 hours of study material and the absence of repetition memory is usually forgets to 50-70% of the material studied.Therefore, there should remember the saying "repetition - the mother of learning."Then, the next day (after sleep) should be re-read to study the information, after which it is deposited securely in your long-term memory, bringing you can always take advantage of it at the right time and right place.

Thus, attention and memory are easy to exercise, through which absolutely anyone can qualitatively improve their professional skills.