Subculture: rockers.

Who are the rockers?Photos are many, but the essence of the concept is still a mystery to most people.Originally, the word is used to describe the flow of youth in the United States in the fifties of the twentieth century.Typical attributes of these guys were kind of clothes and dark colors, of course, motorcycles - bikes.

These people allow themselves to "dissect" them through the streets to the consternation of bystanders.They initially opposed themselves to fashion trends and popular commercial as his peers, who preferred to move around the city scooter.It is united rockers initially, and only after some time there was a musical direction - rock.Representatives were early Presley, Chuck Berry, Jane Vincent and others.Initially, the rockers were kind of out of fashion, it is the generally accepted standards and formats.This is primarily expressed in the fast riding motorcycles - about 160 km / h.It is easy to imagine the terror of power and honorable residents of cities and suburbs.

As originally dressed and dress rockers?

Clothing rockers can be very different, but it is certainly practical and convenient.In particular, leather jackets equipped with stripes, studs and rivets that have plagued not only the decorative purposes.They protect motorcyclists from debris and wind on the road.Spikes and stripes are clearly visible in the night road that prevents collisions.Given all of the above, it is easy to understand why the representatives of subcultures rockers wear leather pants or jeans.

They simply are comfortable and do not hold down movement, which is very important on the road.In addition, in shorts or other clothing to be on a motorcycle for a long time is almost impossible, and yet a motorcycle rocker was and is for him almost the most important means of transportation.Naturally, the body must be well protected from dust and damage while driving.

Rock was and will be the subject of controversy.But this is - just the case when the truth is born in dispute, and can not be born.The reason is, first of all, in the labeling and clichés.A clear boundary between the rock and the enemies of those who are "true rocker."The main topic of the articles devoted to this musical trends - the eternal battle with pop music or pop.Youth subculture "rockers" are often quite aggressive towards it to the pop singer.


Special mention deserve hairstyles rockers.If earlier version was popular a la Elvis, but now everything is much more interesting.Hairstyle can be almost anyone, as long as it reflects the personality of a person.However, the post-Soviet space often seen rocker with long hair pulled into a tight ponytail.It also serves a practical purpose.

collected hair does not interfere when riding and also for hair you can always see what direction the music prefers people.If you see a rocker with her hair, it is likely to drive it in the near future will not sit down.If I may say so, flowing hair - an indication that the person is among his, in a comfortable environment.Yes, there are fans to ride with her hair, but in this case necessarily on the head or helmet or bandana.It helps to maintain hairstyles rockers in relative order.What rockers ride without a helmet - a myth.During the show, or the demonstration driveways motorcycle club - yes.At other times, on the head or helmet to be, or at least points from the wind.Thus, hair rockers - this is on what we can always find representatives of this subculture.

Characteristics of rock

While rockers and appeared as a phenomenon in the fifties of the twentieth century, the direction of "rock music" arose in the 60s, that is a little bit later.The main features of these guys were riding on motorcycles and listening to rock and roll.Later, the influence of this musical movement weakened.What happened in the Soviet Union?In spite of everything, rocker movement penetrated here.

But it has taken on new forms, it has changed under the influence of the surrounding reality.If the British rocker - a bully, dissecting on a motorcycle, then in the Soviet Union - it was a rather pensive poet and thinker.Why is this happening?The fact is that then, and now the bike of this class - "Harley" - the students could not afford, so consolidating a key moment for the rockers on the Soviet and post-Soviet space was music.Different groups have taken up the banner of rockers.Little by little, the music became heavier, the group becomes more and more.Over time bikers have created a separate subculture, which also has certain characteristics.Now rockers generally considered adherents of a particular musical direction, while bikers are associated only with motorcycles.

What is it - the music rockers?

music features of this subculture is that it has many subspecies, types and genres.Of course, everyone is different, so now collectively referred to as the whole rock heavy metal music, as well as music, the text of which is hidden deep meaning.Thus, the release of punk-rock, folk-rock, industrial rock, Russian rock and other areas.

In particular, the most famous Russian rockers - a group of "Alice" and their leader V. Kinchev group "Aria" and B. Kipelov, "Nautilus" and Butusov, "DDT" and Y.Shevchuk.Even the names of the musicians of today represent an entire era, they became a symbol and a synonym of Russian rock.In their place come the younger teams - "Bi2", "Spleen", "Prince" and others.Although the musical direction "metal" differs from classic rock, however, in the medium and it is popular rockers.This is also a kind of heavy music with beautiful lyrics rich in content, but there are more pronounced guitar and keyboards.Whatever it was, to better understand the fans of heavy music, it is necessary to plunge into it, what is in this subculture.Rockers, contrary to popular opinion - not hooligans, not rowdy, not drunkards.Like everywhere else, it all depends on the individual.Artists pop drink and drug abuse as well as rockers.But at the same time last give odds to anyone in regard to unity, a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie.

"Goat" - a symbol of Satanists?

Often, seeing the concerts, "goat", older people think that it is the ministers of a satanic cult.In fact, the sign rockers - raised his index finger and little finger - a gesture more, guard.It was originally used to greet her, and stood for a schematic letter "u" - the first in the English word "unity" or "unity".That is a gesture similar to Churchill's gesture at the time.Not to be confused with a sign almost identical rockers from pacifists, when the thumb is not pressed against the stacked middle and ring and set aside.

This sign means "love", as the thumb and forefinger form a figure similar to the English letter L, first in the word Love."Goat", waving rockers in concert, as a symbol of recognition and approval of the band's songs.In addition, it shows how many people in the room who think of others as part of their social circle.The paradox, but the communication of strangers becomes much closer if both close this subculture.Rockers, by the way, not quite correspond to the stereotypes that have developed them.For example, there is a perception that they have low intelligence.In reality it is not.Rocker can be representative of any profession, having any social status.But that is not all.British scientists have shown that teens who listen to rock ... smarter than their peers!However, scientists do not say why.

rockers how to dress today?

in wider circles are of the opinion that the rockers - a well-groomed polls and unwashed people bomzhevatogo species that only those involved and that drink and go to concerts.Some rank their sexual minorities.This, however, is not.First, against the backdrop of metrosexuals rockers really seem unnecessarily brutal.But there is a reason.Rockers, photos of which can be seen almost everywhere, positioning themselves as a strong personality, so different mannered habits is not for them.Indeed, many fans of heavy music - homophobia.Subculture "rockers" - one of the few who understand and tolerate the fans of other genres.The exception is, perhaps, the only pop music.This explains the style rockers and their preferences in clothing.Regardless of the material is dominated by dark colors.It imposes certain imprint and that what style a person prefers.Fans of Gothic architecture, most likely will prefer the combination of red and black, folk-rock - dark green and black.Clothes can be any, but it is - a practical, comfortable and dark.Chains and studs - not a mandatory attribute.Most often they can be seen on the fan of punk rock.This is not surprising, because they - one of the most aggressive rockers branches.Russian rockers prefer not to wear such.For them, the appearance is of secondary importance.However, the incorrect view that the females among the rockers there.Rockers girl whose photo now there is every music lover - vocalist "Arkona", "Kalevala", Nightwish, Within temptation, Nina Hagen and others.

they - the creators of peer subculture, its integral part.Furthermore, rock with female vocals become more and more popular.There is nothing strange - what could be better than a combination of good music and beautiful girl with a beautiful singing?

What are the types of rock?

To better understand the subculture of "rockers", consider what substyles isolated from this musical.

Underground .This style inherent in the rejection of the rules, regulations and established patterns.Here, artistic traditions, social attitudes and social values ​​have no meaning.Underground - is shocking in all aspects, to shock the viewer and unprepared person.Underground is any non-commercial rock music, whose performers have not found myself experimenting with sound and image.Their work does not fit in any format or because of controversial texts, either because of emotional color appearances.It is significant that such groups are almost unknown.

Glam rock .It is characterized by an emphasis on guitar and keyboards, sound and simplistic rhymes.However, the musicians use a lot of makeup, glitter and the like.Execution ekzaltrovanno, spectacular arrangements, and the image of the musicians is amazing.

Newer current rock

Progressive .His playing is quite serious musicians, expanding and enriching the classic rock arrangements, borrowing and improvisations.Progressive replaced psychedelic rock, completely displacing it in 70-80 years of the twentieth century.Nesomtrya the fact that this style is located in the shadow of the commercial areas, it continues to evolve and improve, enriching world musical fund along with other genres.

Psychedelic rock, or psychedelic .It is characterized by depressive vocals detached texts, experiments with sound, using unconventional tools, and transitions.Historically, the perception of psychedelics has been and remains closely associated with the use of narcotic drugs of different strength.

Hard Rock .Most enduring and popular genre, which spawned many other areas, the same metal.This is a very dynamic, strong and powerful music.The lead guitar or keyboards, complemented loud rhythm section.All this makes the product complete and monolithic.Here is the most important skills of each artist as well as the ability to work with other artists in the same team.

How to determine what rock?

In general, there is no precise definition of rock.This is - a mixture of Art, simfo-, hard rock and other areas.Razin, considering the concept and phenomenon of rock, said that to give a clear definition of this phenomenon is difficult due to the following reasons.Firstly, it is difficult to allocate the laws that rock music live, developing and interacts with other phenomena in culture.Secondly, social entities exist and coexist with this subculture virtually unknown.Thirdly, to predict in which direction will develop rock impossible.This - what different rockers.Subculture, photo representatives of which could plunge into shock moezht not be considered an ordinary phenomenon.

Features Russian rock

To Russian rock traditionally disdainful attitude.At the same time, no one in their right mind is not enough stupidity to say in the face of two-meter big man on the bike that "Aria" - a bad group, for example.And it is - a paradox.Russian rock is characterized by the fact that every word in it - a message to people.

Such hidden messages using speech-famous rockers such as B. Choi, Kinchev Makarevich.Consider a few examples.For example, the word "star."Traditionally, it means something unattainable, a great and holy purpose.Therefore, synonymous to the word appears the sun.This - the perfect light, which shines and warms all people.That is the purpose of this benefit all people without exception.

antipode of the Sun - the Moon.It is used as a synonym for false, false target.Therefore, the night is considered to be identical to all the evils of society and mankind as a whole.However, sometimes it takes place as the opposite of the shadow of the light.Accordingly, the sleep - then passively watch idly.Sleeping man - is dead and seeking - still alive.And the sun and the moon and the stars - all this is in the height.It is not easy to comprehend.It can only do the bird-man, able to fly, it is a free person who can go beyond thinking and philosophical categories.Naturally, this requires the wings.

symbolism of the sky, water, fire, and other elements in the works of Russian groups

analogue of the sky in the creation of some groups is the sea.This - a free space for activities, according to Russian rockers.It is opposed to the river, which is clamped in the frame, flowing and can not choose its own path.Water is also used as something identical life or the most important, that is in it, he does not die.In turn, the fire occurs much less frequently in the texts and symbolizes a person's life.Subculture "rockers" kind to this character that, at first glance, does not fit with the dark tones in clothing.Consider the words of characters associated with the climate.Thus, the wind - this is change, transformation.If it blows in the face, it is - those hindrances and obstacles that do not allow a person to move forward, evolve and move on.Rain is used as a supplement to the wind as an obstacle.Snow is rarer and mostly serves as a synonym for a new stage in life, a new page in life.Due to these hidden words, the semantic load of text messages increases, the songs are no longer just a phenomenon, pleasing to the ear.they are forced to think about life and man's place in it.In the lyrics of some artists even have parts that affect the subconscious.This helps to further increase the meaning and influence of rock on the consciousness of the masses.