In which city is the cathedral?

In many cities there are beautiful cathedrals.How do they differ from the ordinary?It's simple: in the cathedral there is always the chair - a chair or throne for the bishop (in Orthodoxy - for the ruling bishop).And it is not normal.This throne is a symbol of power.

many people are interested in what the city is the cathedral.This question is asked mainly those who do not understand that he is not alone - many of them around the world.

Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia

But move on to concrete examples.In Barcelona, ​​there is the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia.Every tourist strolling through the Gothic Quarter, must necessarily visit it.It is truly amazing structure that affects its greatness.It is clearly apparent Gothic style.The temple is huge, looking at him, involuntarily start to think about how it was built and how much time it took.Barcelona Cathedral is notable for pretty different elements, for example, tall columns, towers with spiers that rush into the sky.Ho

wever, the most interesting parts are inside - a statue of Jesus, thirteen geese and more.A dome with a great view of Barcelona.

interior of the temple

Going into the cathedral through the main entrance, a person is in a great, no space is limited.Impressions strengthens choir singing beautiful religious hymns.In the center is a large nave, and on both sides of him - a couple of passes with amazing pillars.Delighted tourists unable to tear his eyes away from all this splendor.But many do not even know what city is the cathedral of great beauty.Imagine how much they are losing ...

Sculpture Jesus

most interesting attraction of the cathedral - wooden statue of Christ Lepantskogo standing on the main ship of the Spanish Navy, where in 1571 a battle took place with the Turks.Carefully looking closer, you will notice that the sculpture is rough.It was damaged because of the fact that protected the ship from the shells.

Sarcophagus Berenguer and St. Eulalia

What else can be seen in the cathedral?For example, the sarcophagus of Count Berenguer and his wife, located high enough.Attract admiring glances and graceful choirs, made of wood and decorated with the Order of the Golden Fleece.They are in the middle of the nave.You can also admire the sarcophagus of St. Eulalia, made of alabaster.It is believed that this woman who was brutally murdered by the Roman persecutors, is now looking to the sky over Barcelona, ​​and protects it from harm.

magnificent temple of Omsk

If you are interested in what the city is the Cathedral dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, then this question can not be answered in one sentence.There are many temples throughout Russia.Omsk, Biysk, Astrakhan, Veliky Ustyug, Valdai, Vologda - this is not a complete list of cities in which there is the Cathedral.Each temple can rightly be called a real masterpiece, they are all great.

Consider Omsk Dormition Cathedral.It certainly stands out from the rest of the buildings of the city attracts attention.The church holds regular services, which comes a lot of believers.It is located in the heart of Omsk - at the Cathedral Square.In Soviet times, the temple was in very poor condition, it was almost destroyed, but after some time, funds were raised for the restoration, and the cathedral has received a second life.To date, the Assumption Cathedral is considered to be the main attraction of Omsk.Construction of the temple

This cathedral was decided to build in the XIX century.It was originally planned to place it on the site where once stood the city grove, and called Ascension.However, later in Omsk it was founded Orthodox diocese, and then it was nice decision to give the name of the Cathedral of the Assumption.

Lighting temple, its destruction and recovery

solemn consecration of the cathedral took place in the autumn of 1898, it held Bishop Gregory.A couple of years the temple has already visited a lot of people - more than 3,000 men and 1,500 women.Soon he was laid near Bishops Garden.1935 proved fatal in the history of the cathedral - then it was decided to destroy the order of the NKVD, and only in 2005 it began to rebuild again.This cultural and historical monument was again delight the citizens of its amazing beauty.

Now you know which city is the Cathedral, and knowledgeable about the history of some of these magnificent structures.Did you ever manage to visit in Barcelona or Omsk, and you will see the Cathedral with their own eyes.