Which zodiac sign in February?

When you reflect on what zodiac sign in February, once you understand that one answer do not succeed.Last winter month divided between two representatives of the zodiacal circle: Aquarius and Pisces.

These are two completely different mark, although similar in some ways, they belong to different elements.Fish - it is water, but for Aquarius - air.Aquarius is a symbol of brotherhood, originality, sometimes quite eccentric, and unity.Usually, Aquarians - realists, not without a fair share of optimism and faith in the future.

Which zodiac sign in February, and in other months, the most original?Of course, Aquarius.They're a bit conceited, very loved-up, but at the same time romantic and uncompromising conservative order, violate the foundations of love and demonstrate their views, throwing a variety of caper.Predictability is not included in the list of their virtues.Describing their nature, you can resort to the beaten aphorism "knowledge - force."This is a very reasonable mark while bathing in the

unpredictability and Marina in originality.However, as a rule, Aquarius - responsible people who appreciate a sense of duty, devoid of naivety and extremely versatile.Individualism, personal opinion and expression - that's what characterizes the mark.

thinking about which sign of the zodiac in February, as soon as you remember Aquarius, these masters of all trades, personalities universal and utterly curious.As Lions, they are very open and sometimes too straightforward, always seeking something new.However, the understanding of the people they do not know and often suffer from it.

Perhaps, in this they are like another character, no less interesting, but more mysterious.Which zodiac sign in February, in addition to Aquarius?Fish.This sign of the zodiacal circle embodies sensitivity and dreaminess special, fine philosophy of life.Fish never chasing success and money and most of all love to work, immersed in the sometimes impossible dreams, pretty and capricious affectations.

Fish - a strange sign, full of paradoxes.On the one hand, they seek for justice on a global scale and can give his life for the welfare of the people.But it often can not fend for themselves, even in simple, everyday situations.Fish often lonely, melancholic and stew in their own juice.

If credo of Aquarius - the knowledge that in the fish - it is faith.They are constantly in search of themselves, their way, do not understand their own desires and therefore often stumble in life, what then bitterly regret.Unfulfilled desires, petty worries fill their lives, making it difficult to discern important for small.

Fish - those who were born on February 19.Which zodiac sign is easier to avoid obstacles than overcome it?That they are.This fish is still insecure and feel that nobody needs and can interfere, but courageous, do not give in to panic.Fish are in need of care, but also very independent, even in the independence and prefer to schedule a free, devoid of pressure.They are creative people who are very talented, noble and generous, kind and curious to everything unusual.If they manage to drop the self-doubt, they always achieve great success in their chosen field.

Pisces - that those who are born on the 20th of February.Which zodiac sign take, the features of each of them can be found in Pisces.This is due to their position in the zodiacal circle.This is the last, the twelfth sign, symbolizing the union of all the previous ones.A strange, contradictory, but immensely charming, the mark may succeed at anything if overcome his shyness, daydreaming and detachment.